Rating: 2/5 (Two stars)

Music Director/s: Mithoon, Tony Kakkar

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The Creature 3D music album composed by Mithoon and Tony Kakkar is a stale attempt that reeks of everything that you have heard before. It is difficult to say what works in the album, surprisingly the remixes fare better than the originals in this one.

Bipasha Basu and Imran Abbas in a still from movie 'Creature 3D'
Bipasha Basu and Imran Abbas in a still from movie ‘Creature 3D’

Sawan Aaya Hai – Creature 3D Music Review

It seems every movie these days needs a Arijit Singh number to its album. Unfortunately, it does not work every time. Even though I have no doubts about the amazing singing skills of Arijit, sadly this song doesn’t quite work. The problem lies in the composition which is quite repetitive. Supposed to be a romantic number, the song fails to create any impact. It seems like just another number which draws inspiration from an album like Aashiqui 2. Also a remix version of this song is included in the album. It is a completely unnecessary addition to it frankly. The remix is done by DJ Shiva and sadly it does not turn out as impressive with its beats that seem completely ripped off from International numbers.

Hum Naa Rahein – Creature 3D Music Review

Mithoon once again does what he is best at. ‘Hum Naa Rahein‘ is a sad song that with the vocals of Benny Dayal is worth a hear. Although the song lacks the quality to make you connect to it, yet there is something about the song that is likable. It starts off on a good note but is stretched for over five minutes and that’s where it loses its quality. The song also has a remix version to it. Surprisingly, I found this remix much better than the original. Not being a fan of remixes, but this one is better off in fast paced beats.

Naam-E-Wafa – Creature 3D Music Review

Well, I certainly went through a deja-vu moment listening to this number. It is a complete mixture of Aashiqui 2‘s ‘Tum Hi Ho‘ and Ek Villain‘s ‘Banjaara’. Mithoon seems to be fixated on his previous tunes and thus the repetition is just too obvious to the ears. Even though singers Farhan Saeed and Tulsi Kumar do a good job, the song fails due to its lack of novelty. This song too has a remix version. Again the remix version works better as the tempo is increased. The remix is not exactly a best work yet it is much better than the original song.

Ik Pal Yahi – Creature 3D Music Review

Another sad song from the album is ‘Ik Pal Yahi‘. If on one hand Saeem Bhatt’s voice is extremely appealing, on the other, the song is an extreme bore. It is a five minute something number that drags and is difficult to finish. Once again, Mithoon disappoints with this song.

Mehboob Ki – Creature 3D Music Review

Just when you are about to give up on the album considering all the songs are slow and boring, ‘Mehboob Ki‘ comes out as an altogether different number. The song has some upbeat music, not exactly club material but atleast not as slow as the rest of the songs. Another Mithoon composition, sung by himself too, this is the only song the composer challenges himself to create something new to the ears. Not a song that could stick to your lips, but it is the only song that is versatile in the album.

Saawan Aaya Hai – Unplugged – Creature 3D Music Review

The unplugged version of ‘Saawan Aaya Hai‘ is sung by composer Tony Kakkar himself. This version being an unplugged one is a much more mellow than the original. Although Arijit Singh does a much better job in the original song. It seems this is the only song from the album that even has the potential to become a radio favorite. Overall, this song is a decent number.

The Last Word – Creature 3D Music Review

The Creature 3D album is quite a bore. This album is for those who are fans of Mithoon’s typical melancholy numbers. Lacking anything new and exciting, the two qualities that I utterly seek in music, this album comes out as a sheer disappointment. I am going with a 2/5 for this album.

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