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Creature 3D
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Cast: Bipasha Basu, Imran Abbas, Mukul Dev

Director: Vikram Bhatt

Producer/s: Bhushan Kumar

Music Director: Mithoon

Plot: In the midst of the hilly terrains of Summer Hill, a young and enterprising girl AHANA (Bipasha Basu) launches her new, warm and cosy boutique hotel called “Glendale Forest Lodge‟ where she meets KUNAL(Imran Abbas) ; a famous author who is one of the first guests at the hotel. All goes well at Glendale till one day, Summer Hill gets attacked by “something‟. Ahana is traumatized by the deaths of her guests and the havoc created because of hotel turning “unsafe‟ for visitors. A professor of Zoology, Professor Sadana (Mukul Dev) comes to Summer Hill to help. It’s time to fight. She knows her competitor is the epitome of power and danger but she decides to attempt to fight.

creature 3d Review
Creature 3D Movie Poster
Creature 3D Movie Poster

Rating: 1/5 Star (One star)

Star Cast: Bipasha Basu, Imran Abbas, Mukul Dev

Director: Vikram Bhatt

What’s Good: The laughs. Yes, you read it right. It was a comedy film more than a horror film.

What’s Bad: Practically everything you can think of about a film.

Loo break: More than you can keep a count of.

Watch or Not?: It won’t be the worst thing to miss this Not-fit-to-qualify-as-cinema variant of a bad film. I have nothing kind to say about this utterly horrible film made by Vikram Bhatt. Every week at the movies can be a harrowing experience for film critics, but this film takes bad to another level altogether. Yes, it is not the worst film I have seen all year but if a so-called horror film has you rolling with laughter, it isn’t hard to gauge that the film has no intentions of creating history. It is quite a pathetic film where you are compelled to root for an asthma struck monster! By the end, I was hoping he eats up Bipasha and her team because that would have decreased your trauma of sitting through an absolutely unbearable film. Do yourself a favor by avoiding this film!

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Ahana Dutt (Bipasha Basu) comes with the traumatic past of her father’s death. She begins life from the scratch at a small hill station in Himachal Pradesh where she builds her own forest lodge. After a grand opening, the place is struck a calamity with a sudden string of deaths around it. It seems like a wild animal attack but the rampant speed at which the killings occur, it is the doing of some animal really powerful. After one of such unfortunate incidents, a survivor describes the animal as a 10 feet tall monster. A professor in Mumbai understands the animal as a Brahmrakhshas killing whom is next to impossible. Ahana’s hotel slips into bank’s custody due to the losses and her only option is to sell it all off and flee. But she stays on and decides to take on the monster head on within 11 days! How she accomplishes is what the film holds.

Imran Abbas and Bipasha Basu in a still from movie 'Creature 3D'
Imran Abbas and Bipasha Basu in a still from movie ‘Creature 3D’

Creature 3D Review: Script Analysis

I wish I had some knowledge of the Brahmrakshas and their evolution but I am certain that the Vikram Bhatt version isn’t true. Somehow I couldn’t bring myself to believe that priests who couldn’t control their greed turned into monsters! The sequences never adds up to the right number and that makes the tapestry very feeble. Bhatt was some reason assumed that his audience will buy anything and concocted this hilarious film. A depression struck Bipasha Basu, who saw her father getting pushed into committing suicide lives on anti depressants and is building a hotel in the middle of an obscure forest in Himachal Pradesh. From the opening night of the hotel, people start getting abducted and torn limbs are found in different parts of the town. The unsympathetic forest officials obviously take no action and all hell breaks loose when the Creature attacks the hotel one fine day.

For some reason, the lead lady believes an overdose of anti-depressants can kill and she even attempts it in one scene! I think, this film can kill better than any anti-depressant. A few pertinent questions were left unanswered for me. In another scene, the head chef of Bipasha’s hotel is killed by the Brahmrakhshas and only half his hand is found by police. It isn’t clear to me how the inefficient forest police traced out the man from just a torn limb! They get nothing right but in this they discover with impeccable precision. Wow! Following the expected pattern of any Bollywood Horror Film, this film tries out nothing new or extraordinary.

If the premise doesn’t fail you, the dialogues will. Sample this, “Usey Hum Goliyon Se Nahi Apni Soch Se Maarengey”. I wish Bhatt had used his soch in more minimal quantities. One bad film less would have hurt nobody. Usually Vikram’s heroines have asthma . This time it is creature who has it. The creature looks like an illegitimate child of a vixen and a lizard who consumed far too much of Complan! The fact that the actors weren’t emoting infront of a creature was very evident because each actor estimated his own assumption of the creature’s height. The disparate eye movements were so inconsistent and hence distracting!

The film’s climax was another level of regressive. It is such an irony that while Homi Adajania on one hand is delivering a nuanced and layered film like Finding Fanny, on the same Friday Vikram Bhatt undoes all the correct steps taken in the right direction of progressive filmmaking! Even on paper there could have no scope of making a watchable movie out of this story. How anyone put their money on this project is beyond me!

Creature 3D Review: Star Performances

Bipasha Basu tries too hard to hold her ground. While everyone slips, she holds on to the constipated look on her faced, shedding tears from her melodramatic eyes! Does it work? Lamentably, not one bit. The actress can be really sincere if given a good script but with such dearth of soul in a film as atrocious as this, Basu has struck her final blow on a dying career.

Imran with his wooden expression was going nowhere in the film. Neither can he emote nor is their anything memorable or charming about the guy.

Mukul Dev is wasted again in the film. As a lame professor, the good actor is dissipated in a thankless, wobbly role.

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