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Music Director: Ram Sampath and Meet Brothers Anjjan

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We hardly remember much about Bhoothnath’s music album, but looks like Bhoothnath Returns’ music will not go unnoticed. With some essentially original rap and experimental Bollywood, both Ram Sampath and the Meet Brothers Anjjan put their suitable compositions on the table to be listened, judged and graded. Let’s take a look at it!

Amitabh Bachchan in a still from movie ‘Bhoothnath Returns’
Amitabh Bachchan in a still from movie ‘Bhoothnath Returns’

Party Toh Banti Hai – Bhoothnath Returns Music Review

It’s probably one of the peppiest songs of the year till now. The lyrics make sense and it is sheer fun! If dancing is the love of your life and you don’t care for a disc or a stage, for anywhere anytime, the song is perfect. Desi touches here and there, especially the ‘Iss hi baat pe’ is quite innovative! The crippled echo and trance works in the favour of the number. The vocals feature Mika Singh and music credits go to Palash Muchhal. Rest of the credits goes to the Meet Brothers Anjjan who actually puts in visible effort. Lyrics have been penned by Kumaar. The credits for the rap go to the Brothers too.

Har Har Gange – Bhoothnath Returns Music Review

Sung by Aman Trikha, the song’s lyrics have been penned by Kunwar Juneja. The lyrics are high on social satire and it might not be the song with high recommendations but it’s worth that few listening just for the fun bit of it. It gives you the feel of a short musical set on India’s Hindi heartland with the Ganges touch. There’s Ram Sampath at music but that’s not enough for the song to earn some extra cookies. Its remix compilation has been initiated by DJ Kiran. Folk and progressive experimental broadway combines to give birth to this invincible Bollywood genre.

Party With The Bhoothnath – Bhoothnath Returns Music Review

Penned, sung and compiled by Yo Yo Honey Singh, it would be the top favourite for an Indian Halloween party. The music leaves enough space for the lyrics to actually be decipherable. Bass is both low and soothing. It is not the best song in the album, but definitely a noticeable one.

Sahib – Bhoothnath Returns Music Review

Sung by Rituraj, this Ram Sampath compilation bags the emotional song of the album trophy. Credits for lyrics go to Munna Dhiman. It does not really fit under the genre of Sufi but can be gladly called semi – classical. The use of acoustics is actually commendable. We could say it borrows from progressive rock. It is quite a didactic song by nature of its lyrics.

Dharavi Rap – Bhoothnath Returns Music Review

Penned by Nitesh Tiwari, it is a chorus presentation on social satire in Bollywood. The compilation by Ram Sampath reminds one of Choirs. The whole chorus remains subtle yet asserting. At vocals we have Parth S., Bhalerao and Anish.

The Last Word – Bhoothnath Returns Music Review

The album needs to be seen in comparison with its contemporary releases. Keeping that in mind, it does attempt to be loud, which it manages to do as well. However, our 3 stars go to it for being able to be loud with decent innovation instead of most of present Bollywood albums, where lyrics take a back seat to techno and trance. However, with an insured and iconic voice like that of Amitabh Bachchan’s, one wonders why he didn’t get a track just to himself in the album.

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