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Suparn Varma is back after Acid Factory with a psychological thriller Aatma through which he plans to redefine the horror genre in Indian cinema. It is indeed a pretty confident statement coming from this Journalist turned Filmmaker and one needs to wait for the film to release to see whether he does live up to this statement. The film stars Bipasha Basu and Nawazuddin Siddiqui in lead roles along with child actor Doyel Dhawan whose character is most integral to the storyline as it is on her character that the entire story revolves. Music for this film has been scored by the relatively new but promising duo of Siddharth and Sangeet Haldipur. Lyrics have been penned by Kumaar.

Horror as a genre is increasingly becoming popular especially after the Raaz series and many film makers are coming forward to exploit this genre to make more such films, sample 1920, Ghost, Haunted -3D and even upcoming releases like 3G and Ek Thi Daayan. As against the old horror films that primarily catered to the B and C class centres, these recent releases have been made with the multiplex audience in mind keeping in tune with the ever changing taste of the audience. Music in such films is reminiscent of the inherent fear factor omnipresent in the film and the music of Aatma is no exception. In fact, the very first song of this album is in itself proof enough for this statement.

Aatma Movie Poster
Aatma Movie Poster

Aaja Nindiya – Aatma Music Review

The album opens with the eerie Lullaby, Aaja Nindiya which has been sung by Sangeet Haldipur himself. The term “Eerie” is not something which one usually associates with a lullaby and it is to the credit of the music composers that they have been able to incorporate the chill factor even in a song which is essentially a lullaby that a father is singing for his daughter. The composition sounds so spooky that it is sure to send shivers down the listener’s spine. Special mention has to be made for Kumaar’s lyrics which have been so beautifully written as well as equally well sung by Sangeet Haldipur. A perfect start to the album indeed.

Jee Le Jyada – Aatma Music Review

Next in line is Jee Le Jyada which has an array of female singers including Alyssa Mendonsa, Anusha Mani, Shefali Alvares and Apeksha Dandekar taking centre-stage and crooning Kumaar’s lyrics on living life to the fullest. In fact listening to this number, one would not be mistaken in assuming that it is an all girls’ pop band having fun behind the mike. The track is breezy and easy on the ears and has been well sung by all the girls and they have done so by not trying to outdo one another which, in itself, is applause worthy. This track too has in it to become popular if promoted well. There is, in fact, another solo male version of this song which has Nikhil Paul George lending his vocals for the same. This version is not as good as the first version and is just about average.

Teri Khatir – Aatma Music Review

Teri Khatir brings the listener down with a huge thud back to the horror genre after luring us with a false ‘feel good’ premise with Jee Le Jyada. This Hard Rock track is as spooky as it gets with the fusion of Electric Guitars and Violins bringing in a sense of supernatural and manages to hook the listener completely. Suraj Jagan’s vocals bring in the required level of ominousness and intensity required for a song of this nature and he is spot on in his rendition of the equally mesmerizing lyrics penned by Kumaar. Sounding very situational, this song should easily fit well in the movie.

Koi Jaagi Aankhein – Aatma Music Review

Koi Jaagi Aankhein is the penultimate song in this album and is essentially a Jazz version of Aaja Nindiya and has Anahita Irani behind the mike this time around. The music composers surprise us yet again by incorporating, first the eerie factor, and now jazz music for a lullaby. Surely creativity has no bounds for this talented duo. Anahita’s voice incorporates the chill factor very well and the song itself might work well as an experiment but it cannot measure up to the spookiness emanating out of Sangeet Haldipur’s version by a long haul.

The Aatma Theme – Aatma Music Review

The Aatma Theme rounds up what has proven to be an excellent score from the Haldipur duo. This instrumentation track is basically a concoction of all the songs in the soundtrack especially Aaja Nindiya which is very predominant throughout this theme. The chill factor radiates out of every instrument used in this track and perfectly fits in with the theme of the movie.

The Last Word – Aatma Music Review

The music composer duo of Siddharth & Sangeet Haldipur has come up with a winning soundtrack which fits in perfectly with the mood and setting of the film. They have not given in to the temptation of composing ‘mandatory’ songs like romantic numbers or item songs, which in itself is commendable. Furthermore, songs as diverse as Aaja Nindiya and Teri Khatir as well as Jee Le Jyada have them showcasing their versatility like no other. As far as the listener is concerned, having started to listen to this album with very less expectations, it has indeed turned out to be a pleasant surprise. All in all, a good album.





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