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A film titled Aashiqui is bound to establish huge expectations as far as music is concerned. Till date it is counted as a film which gave 90s its musical stream, courtesy Nadeem-Shravan. Now they are back with an attempt to create similar magic with Aashiqui 2. However this time they have done it differently as the album boasts not one but quite a few fresh and new music talent with a mix of composers, lyricists and singers coming together.

Shraddha Kapoor in a still from Aashiqui 2 Movie
Shraddha Kapoor in a still from Aashiqui 2 Movie

Tum Hi Ho – Aashiqui 2 Music Review

Album opens with a heavy and deep voice of Arijit Singh crooning Tum Hi Ho. Composer Mithoon has penned the lyrics for this passionate ballad which might remind one of the rest of the Bhatt music that have been heard in abundance in recent times, right from Raaz 3 to Jism 2. Arijit’s voice does touch the listener’s heart and lyrics support the passion as well.

Sunn Raha Hai – Aashiqui 2 Music Review

Next track Sunn Raha Hai, which is being publicized as the ‘love song of the year’ tries to live up to its publicity. Ankit Tiwari opens the track with the sound that reminds of Rahman’s Rockstar and gradually takes it to the same level. The track is full of melody and Ankit has done a good job here.

Chauhun Main Ya Naa – Aashiqui 2 Music Review

Jeet Ganguly enters as a composer with soft and breezy Chauhun Main Ya Naa. Arijit Singh and Palak Muchhal lend their voice to the romantic duet. This track is an average duet and does not offer much to the listener.

Hum Mar Jaayenge – Aashiqui 2 Music Review

Jeet continues his journey in the album through another duet with Arjit, who is paired with Tulsi Kumar, for Hum Mar Jaayenge. This one is on the same lines as the one heard before, albeit with a little more happiness in the singers’ voices and composition. Taking one back to 90s, it is again just fair.

Meri Aashiqui – Aashiqui 2 Music Review

Palak Muchhal opens the title track Meri Aashiqui slowly and deeply. Arijit adds the base with his voice. It’s a voice-dominated song with slow beats at the background. It should work with the listeners and also climb charts.

Piya Aaye Na – Aashiqui 2 Music Review

Piya Aaye Na brings KK in the album with Tulsi Kumar. KK uses his lingering voice amply in stretching the emotion and feelings, which works in the track. There is soft rock in the background with the sound of guitar that makes for an interesting hear. As is the case with KK’s tracks, this one also oscillates between high and low and keeps the listener engaged. Some might find Tulsi’s interludes in the track a little odd though KK makes up for it and binds you to the track.

Bhula Dena – Aashiqui 2 Music Review

Rock continues to make its presence felt in the album with Mustafa Zahid coming to the scene with Bhula Dena. It’s a sad track in which Zahid gives his all with passion. The composition tilts towards metal, though the feeling of pathos is conveyed easily. Jeet has chosen the right path in the track.

Asan Nahin Yahan – Aashiqui 2 Music Review

Arijit Singh delivers another very similar track in the form of Asan Nahin Yahan. Honestly, listener might not feel too much of a difference from the earlier track and might find this as an extension to the earlier one.

Queen of melody, Shreya Ghoshal, delivers her fantastic version of Sunn Raha Hai. If in the earlier version Ankit Tiwari made you like the track; Shreya makes you fall in love with it. Ankit has kept this composition different from the earlier one, which pays off as it suits Shreya’s voice better. Flute is used amply and increases the effect; however it is the voice which is spellbinding. Sandeep Nath’s lyrics do the job and give the protagonists a chance to strengthen their characterisation.

Milne Hai Mujhse Aayi – Aashiqui 2 Music Review

Last but not the least is the track Milne Hai Mujhse Aayi by Arijit Singh again. Mithoon brings on soft rock here that further Arijit’s voice with variations. Irshad kamil’s lyrics have been meaningful in the album and same is the case here. The words convey emotions easily and create the atmosphere that makes one fall in love with the poetry here.

Aashiqui (The Love Theme) – Aashiqui 2 Music Review

Aashiqui (The Love Theme) composed by Mithoon concludes the album. It’s a slow and sad piano piece which would definitely be used efficiently in the movie. It resonates the sound of Sunn Raha Hai and Tum Hi Ho, which is not bad as these are the songs that anyways continue to play in one’s mind.

The Last Word – Aashiqui 2 Music Review

Aashiqui 2 is an album that had set its heart in the right place and wanted to accomplish what Aashiqui did musically. It has the ingredients in place though at times one gets an impression that the recipe could have been a tad better. One waits to see if the soundtrack would indeed turn out to be memorable for a lifetime, more so since Bhatts had musically created a high standard with Aashiqui.



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