Mr & Mrs Mahi Movie Review Rating:

Star Cast: Rajkummar Rao, Janhvi Kapoor

Director: Sharan Sharma

Mr. & Mrs. Mahi Movie Review
Mr & Mrs Mahi Movie Review (Photo Credit –Facebook)

What’s Good: Rajkummar Rao’s performance

What’s Bad: Very little cricket

Loo Break: Can take one in the slow first half

Watch or Not?: If you love Rajkummar and cricket

Language: Hindi

Available On: Theatrical release

Runtime: 139 Minutes

User Rating:

Mahendra (Rajkummar Rao) aspires to be a cricketer but fails in the selection process. His father is disappointed and forces him to work at his sports shop. A few years later, Mahendra marries Mahima (Janhvi Kapoor), a doctor. One day, he discovers that Mahima loves cricket and knows how to play it. Mahendra decides to coach his wife so she can excel in the game and fulfil her dream of becoming a cricketer.

Mr. & Mrs. Mahi Movie Review
Mr & Mrs Mahi Movie Review(Photo Credit –Facebook)

Mr & Mrs Mahi Movie Review: Script Analysis

Director Sharan Sharma and Nikhil Mehrotra co-wrote the story of “Mr & Mrs Mahi.” It’s an interesting concept of a couple in an arranged marriage discovering their common interest and working towards it. The first hour focuses more on Mahendra’s internal struggles and his issues with his father. Even when Mahima enters the plot, the makers take a slow approach in showing us that she knows how to play cricket. The focus is more on building their love story amidst all the problems.

In the second half, “Mr & Mrs Mahi” juggles between cricket and jealousy. The entire sequence where Mahendra trains Mahima is engrossing, but we hope for more such thrilling moments. But that doesn’t happen until the climax. The second half is heavy on the husband-wife dispute and again focuses more on Mahendra’s internal struggles. The cricket element gets sidelined amidst all the drama.

Mr & Mrs Mahi Movie Review: Star Performance

Rajkummar Rao brings the depth and intensity required to portray Mahendra, who is subjected to much criticism by his father. Whether it’s his expressions or dialogue delivery, he conveys Mahendra’s pain with conviction. In a scene where he records silly videos as his wife Mahima’s coach, he leaves you in splits. Rajkummar effortlessly switches from being serious to something hilarious.

Janhvi Kapoor delivers a decent performance, but she is underutilized as Mahima. Most of her scenes have her crying and speaking in a soft tone. I understand the story is set in Jaipur, and not everyone is a rebel there. However, one expects Mahima to stand up for herself after discovering her husband’s intention, considering she left her old life behind. Sadly, that doesn’t happen. Janhvi’s character felt like an extension of what she played in “Bawaal.”

Mr. & Mrs. Mahi Movie Review
Mr. & Mrs. Mahi Movie Review(Photo Credit –Facebook)

Mr & Mrs Mahi Movie Review: Direction, Music

It’s evident that Sharan Sharma wanted to tell a love story of two people bonding over the same interest. His intention to tell an inspiring story of a man trying to find himself and helping his wife realize her goals is visible. However, the central premise often loses its charm amidst all the jealousy drama and Mahendra’s internal conflicts. I also wish there were more cricket match scenes in the second half that would highlight Mahima’s talent better.

The songs in “Mr & Mrs Mahi” are impressive. Vishal Mishra’s “Roya Jab Tu” is my favorite from the album.

Mr & Mrs Mahi Movie Review: The Last Word

Overall, “Mr & Mrs Mahi” intends to tell an inspiring story about a couple helping each other achieve their dreams. The narrative is filled with hurdles, reflecting the challenges in their journey. Rajkummar Rao and Janhvi Kapoor’s love story has moments where you can’t help but smile at how adorable they look together on screen.

Three stars!

Mr & Mrs Mahi Trailer

Mr & Mrs Mahi released on 31st May, 2024.

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