With the release of the film Tu Hai Mera Sunday just around the corner, everyone associated with the film is extremely excited and highly positive about the film. Last time, we had got you exclusive interviews of the film’s lead like Barun Sobti, Shahana Goswami and Vishal Malhotra. This time round, we bring to you the interviews of the livewire duo viz., Maanvi Gagroo & Rasika Dugal, who also form the integral cast of Tu Hai Mera Sunday.


Satish Sundaresan of KoiMoi met up with the two gorgeous ladies whose smiles were as infectious as their conversation which happened during the interview. Presenting the excerpts of the interview:

While we got to know what does the term ‘Sunday’ mean to your co-actors, what we want to know is that, what does the term mean to you both?
Rasika Dugal: A long run and watching TV shows
Maanvi Gagroo: Guilt-free. Whatever you do, it should be guilt free on a Sunday.

What was your first reaction when you heard the film’s title Tu Hai Mera Sunday?
Maanvi Gagroo: Initially, the film was called as ‘Juhu Beach United’. After that, the title was changed to Tu Hai Mera Sunday. Initially, I was neither happy nor sad when I heard the title, but, gradually, it caught on and how! Then, I remembered that there was also a song about Sunday. The title, then, got stuck and etched in my memory forever. The title has got a very positive feel to it.
Rasika Dugal: It is indeed a very different title. The film’s title reflects the soul of the film.

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What are your characters in the film?
Maanvi Gagroo: I play the character named Binta. I play Barun Sobti’s brother’s fiancé. Barun gains the perspectives to solve the problems through my character.

Rasika Dugal: I play the role of Tasneem, who is a single mother. I had learnt sign language for the film, which my character uses in the film.

Your favourite scene from the film?
Maanvi Gagroo: I like the scene where I meet Barun. I also like Barun and Shahana’s scene on the terrace.

Rasika Dugal: There is a hotel scene wherein I order from the menu. I love that scene a lot. There is also a breakdown scene in Goa, which is really great to watch.

Tell us about the film’s songs.
Maanvi Gagroo: Two songs from the film are already out which is being appreciated by everyone. My favourite is ‘Thodi Si Jagah’ and ‘Yeh Mera Mann’.

Rasika Dugal: My favourite song from the film is ‘Thodi Si Jagah’.




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