Just like any aspiring talent, even Aishwarya Nigam struggled his way to become a successful playback singer. He started his journey from winning a music talent show and went on to sing for one of the biggest superstars of India. He got his first big break in Abhinav Kashyap’s Dabangg where he lent his voice to Salman Khan in the super hit song Munni Badnaam Hui.


Aishwarya recently released a new mashup cover titled Union which showcases the real spirit of togetherness and celebrates the fact that every religion has its own special place in hearts of people and it doesn’t discriminate if you are a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian.

KoiMoi.com got in touch with Aishwarya through an e-mail interview, where he spoke about his new cover, his inspirations, his journey so far, upcoming projects and much more!

Excerpts from the interview:

Munni Badnaam Hui Singer Exclusive: But Then Aishwarya Met Salman Khan In The End
Munni Badnaam Hui Singer Exclusive: But Then Aishwarya Met Salman Khan In The End

1. First of all, let me tell you that your latest track is full of positive vibes and it is mesmerizing! How has the response been so far?

Thank you very much. I am glad you liked it. The response has been truly heartfelt. Initially, we all were little scared because this is a very sensitive topic but people really received this track from their heart and not from the head.

2. What really struck you to make Union? What inspired to make this?

I always wanted to do this. Why? Because religions are ways to reach the ultimate. Different path but same destination. That means all the paths have to be connected somewhere. And also this happens only in this country. That’s the beauty. India is the biggest democracy in the world. This is so huge.

Even while shooting, people from different religions helped us so much that the entire shoot went really effortless.

3. You started from doing reality shows and went on to become a playback singer. How has the journey been?

Wonderful. Awesome and sometimes Magical. I just know one thing that I have got much more than what I have worked for. It’s only and only grace.

4. At any point of time in your career, in your struggling period, did you ever think that your hard work will pay off? Or were you apprehensive about choosing singing as your career anytime?

I don’t know why and from where but since my childhood I have always had this sense of getting all that what I want. And same with this. I never had this fear. Never.

5. How was it when you got the opportunity to sing in Salman Khan’s film that too lending your voice for a superstar?


It was unbelievable in every sense. Why? Because I had started at that time. I was so new to this industry. Also, my voice got rejected initially. A couple of very renowned singers have also tried the song. But then Aishwarya Met Salman in the end.

6. Talking about Union, this fusion is quiet, calm and peaceful. Whereas Munni Badnam was loud and a peppy number. Which genre is your favourite?

If you ask me, I love intensity. The extreme intensity in whichever way. Either a dance number or a sad song or in the form of romantic song. You should listen to my first YouTube release – Akele Hain. That’s my genre. That’s the intensity I am talking about.

7. Who has been your inspiration in life?

My parents’ love towards the music is my first inspiration and I had literally worshipped Mohd. Rafi & Sonu Nigam. So they are more than my inspiration. There was a time when I had a small pooja space in my room and a ghee lamp used to on in front of their pictures. Now they reside in my heart.

8. If you have to lend your voice to an actor, which 3 of them would be on the top on your list?

Amitabh Bachchan
Shahrukh Khan
Rajkumar Rao

9. Is there any Bollywood number coming up soon?

There are a few songs which I have done but these days it’s not appropriate to talk about it unless it is out in your voice.

10. What’s next on the platter?

Wait for my next YouTube release. My biggest dream going to come true.




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