Punjabi singer Hardevinder Singh Sandhu aka Harrdy Sandhu is back with a bang with his new song, Naah which also features Nora Fatehi. The song is getting an overwhelming response from the fans as Harrdy is flaunting his dancing skills!

Harrdy’s emotional number Soch which was also remade in Akshay Kumar’s film Airlift, has won several awards in the past. Since then, Harrdy went on to make some amazing songs which garnered a lot of appreciation from the fans! We have also seen his songs like Joker and Yaar Ni Milyaa literally brought tears in our eyes.


Recently in an e-mail interview with Koimoi.com, Harrdy told us about his new song Naah, his thoughts on the current music scenario, plans about entering Bollywood, reasons behind making emotional songs and more!

Excerpts from the interview:

First of all congratulations on your song Naah! The song has got 26 million views in just 5 days. How has the response been so far? Any best compliments you got from your friends?

Thanks a ton! I have been receiving a lot of compliments for my dancing skills thanks to the music video.

Exclusive! Harrdy Sandhu On His Emotional Songs: All My Songs Are A Reflection Of Me
Exclusive! Harrdy Sandhu On His Emotional Songs: All My Songs Are A Reflection Of Me

Now as you are known face all over the country and your songs are getting viral on YouTube. So are you planning to make a Bollywood debut in singing?

There are some talks in progress. Unfortunately, I can’t disclose the details as right now.

We have seen that most of your songs are emotional and sentimental. Is there a real-life reason connected to it?

All my songs are a reflection of me. I try to tell a story through my songs, the stories which I am trying to tell arise from my own past experiences from my struggling days, my bout with depression and several other experiences.

What are your thoughts on the current music scenario?


I’m seeing a lot of fusion and remixes of popular retro songs with new kinds of music, which to me is very interesting. Nowadays people switch from one song to another very quickly and which is why it’s essential for a song to be unique and catchy to hold the attention of the audience. We as artists need to ensure that we are delivering exceptional content to expect the song to be successful. The other thing I want to talk about is the influence of Punjabi music which is seeing major growth in the current scenario with so much content being created, which is quite interesting.

Today, the Punjabi music is getting recognized now as compared to what it was a few years back. What do you have to say about it?

Punjabi music has been popular in Bollywood for quite a while now. Punjabi music industry is seeing a major growth with so many songs being composed and being successful, Punjabi music, in my opinion, is now more popular than it has ever been and I am 100% positive that it will continue the flourish in the future, which is a wonderful thing!

Your song Soch was used in Airlift. Were you approached for the same? And how did you find the song?

I was happy that the song was able to reach out to more people thanks to the movie. Though, would have loved to have my own voice in the song.

Apart from Naah, which song of yours is your fav?

I am attached to all my songs and they are all very close to my life. I put in a lot of time and effort in them. But if I have to select one then Backbone tops the list

What’s next?

We are working on a new single, where I am again trying to experiment with new sounds. There are some interesting conversations going on with Sony Music, details of which you will come to know soon.



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