This man needs no introduction! Isn’t it? Daler Mehndi or should we say the King of Bhangra is a household name and he is one of the favourite singers of every 90s kid. Agree or don’t, till now we shake our legs on his superb hit songs- Tunak Tunak or Na Na Na Re! Any party without his songs is INCOMPLETE. Not only his singing but also his dresses or attires became a rage back then! Just like his songs, his appearance was also vibrant and eye-catching!

Every time Daler Ji announces his new song or project, we really cannot contain our excitement! Yet again, he is back with a new project, he has become a part of T-Series Mix Tape Punjabi. Recently, caught up with the evergreen singer for an interview where he spoke about his upcoming projects, his songs, Mix Tape Punjabi and much more!

Excerpts from the interview:

Daler Mehndi Exclusive: I Would Like To Recreate Bolo Tara Ra Ra
Daler Mehndi Exclusive: I Would Like To Recreate Bolo Tara Ra Ra

1. How was your working experience for T-Series Mix Tape Punjabi?

It was really a great feeling associating with T-series and working on T-series MixTape Punjabi. This is a special party edition, wherein so many renowned artists and singers from the Punjabi fraternity will be performing under 1 roof. I am pretty sure our tracks will do well. I am doing a solo performance on my songs – Kudiyan Shehar Diyan and Na Na Na Re. Music director Abhijit Vaghani has created a wonderful version of the song and given me a chance to revive my chartbusters.

2. Which T-Series Mix Tape has been your personal favourite from season 1?

In fact, I saw season 1 of T-series MixTape which launched earlier this year and really liked all the episodes. Besides having received millions of views and a fan following, it gave the same songs a fresh perspective and a newer audience. I’m glad they decided to consider us for the special edition

3. What are your thoughts on the current music scenario of Bollywood?

The variety of music has changed a lot over time. Audience liking too has changed. As a result, musicians have to make music which sells and is accepted by the audience. These day musicians add a portion of rap, some inappropriate words, weird lyrics and a western touch saying this is what sells. Music now is very different from what it was when I started off my career.

4. How do you see the transition of music scenario in Bollywood? Back in your time, Indie Pop music was at boom but now we hardly see any songs in this genre?

The music scenario keeps changing.In the early ’90s, there was an inclination towards western music. In 1995, I introduced Punjabi indie pop music, a genre that was lauded by Indians. Even discotheques started playing Punjabi music. Today is the time of digital age. Even today, my song ‘Tunak Tunak’ is perhaps is the most played song on the digital medium.

5. Your song Kudiya Seher Diyan was remade in Poster Boys. So how do you see this remake trend in Bollywood?

Good music will never die. Remakes of the good old songs are good, as the audience gets to hear it in a new avatar. Even Mixtape is all about recreating old songs for the young digital audience.

6. Apart from this, which song of yours do you think is underrated and you think that it should be remade?

My one song I would like to recreate – ‘Bolo Tara Ra Ra’.

7. You have a signature style in your voice for which you will always be remembered. In the current slot, who do you think has this kind of unconventional touch to his/her voice?

Every musician has its own style. Every musician is trying his best. It is all in hands of god, he can make magic work anytime.

8. Apart from the T-Series Mix Tape, What’s next?

The movie Happy Bhaag Jayegi 2. Many more in the pipeline.

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