Bigg Boss 14: Sonali Phogat On Rubina Dilaik’s Vyaktitva “Woh Dusro Ke Jagdo Mai Kood Ti Hai”
Bigg Boss 14: Sonali Phogat Blasts Rubina Dilaik, Calls Her An Instigator (Photo Credit: Instagram/Colorstv)

In just a little over a month, Sonali Phogat had to bid farewell to the Bigg Boss 14 house. While there, she made the headline for several reasons including throwing food in the dustbin when the house had a shortage of ration, apparently abusing the others and stating being fond of Aly Goni.


During our exclusive conversation with the recently evicted contestant, Sonali spoke about Rubina Dilaik and her habit to force herself in all matters in the house. The now eliminated contestant feels Rubina plays the role of an instigator and is nothing like what she is portrayed to be. Read on to know what she has to say about the Shakti actress.


Talking about Rubina Dilaik and how different she is from what people assume in real life, Sonali Phogat said, “Maine kaha tha ki mai Jasmin ko thoda bhahut jhanti hu – humne sath mai kaam kiya tha kuch din. Aur Rubina ko mai nahi jhanti lekin muje lagta hai ki woh bahut aachi hai. Uski chavi mere maan mai ek alag, aachi mahila ki bani hue thi. Lekin wahan jake maine Rubina ji ko alag paya. (I said that I knew Jasmin Bhasin as we had worked together for a couple of days. I didn’t know Rubina but I thought she was very nice. The image I had of hers was one of a good woman. But, once I entered the house I realized she was different.)”

Talking about Rubina Dilaik’s sensibility and behaviour towards her, Sonali Phogat said, “Rubinaji ne mera sare jitney mamle the – jaise Arshi Khan ke saath mere roti mamla ho, usme bhi Rubinaji ne issue banaya. Agar woh samajdaar hoti, mere prati adaar samaan rakthi, toh woh muje bata sakti, samja sakti thi ki ‘Sonaliji aap ro math. Abhi ghar mai khane ki kami hai abhi, aap baad mai khana kha le na.’ (Rubina always forced her way into all my fights and arguments. Like my fight with Arshi Khan with regards to throwing the rote – Rubina made it an issue. If she was sensible & mature and respected me, she would have said ‘Sonaliji don’t cry. Currently, we are short on food, you eat something later.’)”

Continuing further, Sonali Phogat added, “Unlogone muje majboor kiya ki mai khana dustin mai dalu.” Adding that there was only the dustbin to throw the food in as no animals were available to feed the leftover food, she added, “Humme who waste khan udhar hi dalna tha. Mai ro rahi thi. Woh sab mujse khaya nahi jaa raha tha par Rubinaji ne muje help nahi ki – usne muje target kiya aur mujse jagda kiya. (These guys forced me to throw the food in the dusbin. There were no animals there to feed the left over to so I had to throw it in the bin. I was crying. I couldn’t eat all that food and instead of helping me, Rubina and the others targeted and fought with me.)”

Adding that Abhinav Shukla tried making them understand, Sonali Phogat said, “Abhinavji ne Rubinaji and Nikki ko samjhane ki koshish kiya, ki tum unko iss mamle mai mat bolo. (Usne kaha) ‘Woh unki choice hai. Khaye, phake – unki choice hai. Arshi ke saath joh unki man muthav hai uss wajah se usne khayi nahi jaa rahi.’ Abhinavji ne koshi ki phir bhi Rubinaji nahi mani aur muje target kiya. (Abhinav tried to make Rubina and Nikki Tamboli understand that they shouldn’t interfere in this matter. Adding that it was my problem whether I eat or throw the food, he said that because of her fight with Arshi she cannot eat. Despite his attempts to make her understand, Rubina still targeted me.)”

Recollecting the incident when she was accused of abusing the contestant, Sonali said that Rubina Dilaik interfered in my argument with Nikki Tamboli. Stating that if Rubina was sensible (when she interfered), she should have guided me by saying, “Sonaliji koi baat nahi. Nikki choti hai, usne faad diya koi baat nahi ab aap usko chodo. Ya yeh khe sakti thi ki ‘jisne bhi faad diya so faad diya, ab aap aggressive mat ho, app shant ho jao’. Lekin ulta unhone mere saar pe chad gayi aur muje bola ki ‘jaa mene faada hai, kya kar sakti hai. (No problem Sonaliji, even if she tore it let it be, she is immature. Or else ‘whoever tore it – tore it, you don’t get aggressive, calm down. But she targeted me and yelled ‘I did it, what will you do.)”

Adding that it was Rubina who started using crass language, Sonali Phogat said, “Bigg Boss aisa show hai jaha har admi aapna baat rak sakta hai, jaha jagde hote hai. Isliye hai Bigg Boss, yeh toh dikhaya jata hai ki aap apne vyaktitva ko. Unhone apne vyaktitva waha pe darshaya ki woh dusro ke jagdo mai koodti hai. Aur jab aapko samjhane ki baari aati hai toh aap Nikki jaise logo ko samjate nahi uksate ho. Aap tilli lagan eke kaam karti ho.(Bigg Boss is such a show where every contestant can voice their opinion, where they fight. Through this, the shows puts forth one’s personality. And Rubina showed her personality – that she jumps in every ones issues. And if she has the opportunity to make a person like Nikki understand a certain thing she doesn’t do it. In fact, you act like an instigator.)”

She even that when a person from another field enters the house, they (Rubina and her group) target them. They ill-treat them by saying who are you, from where have you come and even get out of the house.

What do you think of these claims made by Sonali Phogat about Rubina Dilaik? Let us know in the comments.

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