This week, Bollywood sees the release of films of the varied genre. One of the films to be released this week is the multi-talented Rajkummar Rao starrer Newton. Today morning, everyone woke up to the great news about Newton being selected as India’s official entry for Academy Awards in 2018. While everyone associated with the film is very deservingly over the moon, we bring to you what went behind making this phenomenal film in the form of a video which speaks about ‘The making of Newton’s world’.

The video starts off with the extremely soft-spoken and superlative performer Rajkummar Rao speaking to the powerhouse performer Sanjay Mishra the real reason behind his name ‘Newton’. He explains that his parents had named him as ‘Nutan Kumar’, which happens to be his original name. Because ‘Nutan Kumar’ made him a laughing stock before everyone, he rechristened himself as ‘Newton’.

The Making Of Newton’s World Will Surely Up Your Excitement To See This Film
The Making Of Newton’s World Will Surely Up Your Excitement To See This Film

This is followed by the film’s director Amit V Masurkar revealing about the thought process which went behind the film’s inception, besides speaking about the main challenge about shooting a film in an area like Chhattisgarh. His thoughts get seconded and echoed by the film’s co-writer Mayank Tewari who said, “We wanted to make a film about sincere people who wanted to make a difference. We wanted to make a film about a guy who just wants to do his duty and who is thrown into the middle of the forest and that too amidst entities, who do not want the elections to happen”.

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The film’s protagonist Rajkummar Rao, on his part, spoke about his character by saying that it was about “Somebody who is so idealistic in nature and who is also honest and sincere about whatever he does in life.

Angelica Monica Bhowmick, the film’s ‘Production Designer’ spoke about the hardships which they had to face while shooting the film. She said, “The challenge for us was to get the crew and the materials up there to construct the set. We did not even have water supply”.

The ‘Making of Newton’s world’ also has Romil Modi (Casting Director), the film’s female lead Anjali Patil, the seasoned actor Pankaj Tripathi sharing their experiences while shooting for the film.

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