Smitten by the box office bug? Don’t miss reading our compilation of films with best profit ranking this year.

Here’s how we calculate Profit Percentage:
Collections – Budget = ROI
ROI/Budget*100 = ROI%

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RankCost*LifetimeROIROI %
1. Neerja2175.6154.61260%
2. Sultan90300.57210.57234%
3. Airlift40129.0089.00222.50%
4. Rustom40127.42*87.42218.55%
5. Pink2153.10*32.10152.85%
6. Baaghi3876.0038.00100%


    • Bhai akshay ki fees include nhi h movie k budget m….80% share the akshay k profit m iss liye budget itna kab tha smjha….around 40-45 cr budget tha #airlift ka

      • Bhai budget ws 28 cr nd P&A ws 12 cr.. Total 40cr… Share of akki from profit ws 80% nd that ws his fees.. He hd not charged anything before that’s y it becomes 2nd best profitable movie of this year

    • Budget Airlift 40 crore and it was known from the very beginning! Akshay did not take a salary for the work of the actor, he was with the producer!

  1. Its quite sad that till now, only one film has made it to a 100 crores at the Indian box office. N that too belongs to a superstar. Its quite ridiculous how only the 3 Khans, HR and Akki manage to dominate the BO each time. When will films like Neerja, Kapoor

    • Yes…its sad…but when we see the whole picture and specially see the rate of return or return onInvestment its quite big in samll films like neerja n tanu weds manu or so… as the budget for the movie if the 3 khans,HR or AK is huge the ROI percentage is less even though they cross 100/150 crore…and in comparison films like Neerja re made on a tight budget and hence their ROI % is huge…

  2. you should teach them except 3 ohan how to act in film properly ,then we burmese will watch hindi movie .if there is no khan in films industry , no body will know india exist in this globe and no one will know your indian language . Thank to that 3 khan .

  3. Koimoi, your roi is defective. Because you calculate it on net collection in India. But from net collecction,exhibitors take around 50 percent. Rather distributor share might be a good indicator to determine roi.

  4. Waiting for films like abcd 2 and ek villain,,these are films with controled budjet and getting huge succes,,now a days bollywood is going down, films like airlift sultan and rustom neerja managing to hellp the bollywood

  5. Here is a question not comment…
    Is Akshay Kumar is the only actor to deliver 3 Consecutive 100 crore movie in year or there are some?