Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif’s much awaited Jagga Jasoos released last Friday. The film had a decent weekend at Indian box office but the word of mouth for the film is extremely mixed. Though the majority of critics acclaimed the film saying it as Poetry In Motion the audience seems to think it otherwise.

Jagga Jasoos was always targeted at multiplex audiences and it caught up quite well at the plexes. The single screen audience have mixed response due to the unconventional topic and usage of too many songs instead of dialogues.

Jagga Jasoos Grosses Over 62 Crores In 4 Days At Worldwide Box Office
Jagga Jasoos Grosses Over 62 Crores In 4 Days At Worldwide Box Office

In four days the film has grossed over 62.17 crores at the worldwide box-office. The film saw a considerable drop on Monday earning approximately 4.05 crores.

The first week collections might be in the range of under 45 crores mark but that’s really not enough considering the humongous budget the film has. The hopes were high with the film as it has everything for everyone favoring the kids too. The numbers clearly show a section of the audience has rejected the film and hence the result.

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Trade pundits predicting reason of the Jagga Jasoos’ lukewarm response is the storytelling of the film. The target audience of the film is too limited resulting in the mixed word of mouth. Ranbir Kapoor and Anurag Basu were lucky during Barfi as it found a connection with the public but it’s not looking the same case with Jagga Jasoos.

Director also finished the film with an open ending hinting at a sequel but it’ll be hard to say if that idea will see the light of the day or not. To break even the film would have to avoid any crash and remain stable at the box-office to earn good lifetime collections.

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