Chennai Express has been doing well even its 3rd week. After summing up its 3rd Tuesday collections, the film’s total income so far stands at a cumulative of 214 crores at the domestic box office.

Shah Rukh Khan And Deepika Padukone in Chennai Express Movie Stills
Shah Rukh Khan And Deepika Padukone in Chennai Express Movie Stills

On 3rd Monday, the film earned 1.5 crores and early trade estimates suggest the same for Tuesday as well. This Rohit Shetty directorial has emerged as the highest grosser in Bollywood ever. Made on a lavish budget, the film has continued its earning spree relentlessly. Shah Rukh Khan’s screen presence and Deepika’s comic timing worked in favor of the film!

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  1. The dead bodies of a dabangg tiger, a besharam bunny, a rowdy khiladi and three idiots were found on the railway tracks. Cops say they were all run over by Chennai Express train.

  2. So srk is running trains n dt too as carelessly as he chooses his dumb movies wow
    Mr. X , srks movies r just like ur name X so we can assume anything we want n btw I like ur assumption mentioned above .
    Cum out wid some more coz I believe firmly dt ur assumptions wud b way better dn his movies

  3. no one can break the of chennai express not srk no one it is nw imposible to colect 220cr or more it cn be how its posible ths yr no one cn break lets wait nxt yr i

  4. i am biggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg fannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
    and i watch chennai express more than 30 times

  5. As i hav said earlier ce will cross 200 cr + and wil be a all time blockbuster, it has proved so ,
    now beware amir, salman, ajay, akshay and ranbir fan’s ce record won’t break ever
    i lov u srk baadshah king of masses

  6. Sabne data ko khud create ki he,they are different to others, OUATIMD disaster he, but koi data esko hit batarahahe…CE bb or atbb…please tell me…koimoi

  7. srk tu bollywood ka asli bap hai bacche to bahot ate rahinge jaise salman,amir,akshay lekin tujh ko hala bhi na payenge bollywood ka badshah tere alawa kisimein ban ne ki kabiliyat nahie hai bolne wale bahot bolenge par tu age badte jana ye meri dua hai tujhko

  8. 30 times c’mon bro its pathetic
    If u wud have seen his awesome movies lik chak de or swadesh or kabhi haa kabhi naa , I cud hv understand bt chennai express 30 times makes no sense or the person watchin it may nt hav THOUGH
    most boring person I hav ever come across I mean kaash wo 3 hota 30 ki jagah , feel so pity fr u
    Ur fellow commentators wud definitely agree wid me bt de ll never admit it, thanks to srk god bless him

  9. Hey sorry i may hav misunderstood ur context , feeling awkward
    I guess u r suffering frm insomnia so wt better place dn chennai express to hav a good nap , I din wanted to sleep bt after intermission it forced me to fall asleep
    Nice prescription


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