She will be essaying Annu Karkare, who is determined to kill Subhash Nagre. Ahead of the release of Sarkar 3, Yami Gautam opens up on her experience of working with Amitabh Bachchan, what does Ram Gopal Varma mean when he says ok, how she reacts to gossips and link-ups about herself and more…

Over to the actress:

Yami Gautam: I don’t come from a background to believe in cheap retaliations
Yami Gautam: I don’t come from a background to believe in cheap retaliations

Tell us about your role in Sarkar 3

I play a girl called Annu Karkare. She is out there to avenge her father’s death from Sarkar. She believes that her father was killed by Sarkar and wants to kill Subhash Nagre.

What was your reaction after being offered Sarkar 3?

I was definitely very surprised. I was excited and at the same time, a bit intrigued about what am I doing in the film! When he (Ram Gopal Varma) told me that you play this character which has a little negative element, I asked him, why me? He replied that we’ve seen you in a certain genre of films and hence it will be very exciting to see you in such a role in a film like this. As an actor, I want to bring out my diversity as much as I can.

How did you prepare for the character?

I asked this to Ramu sir. I told him, what do you want me to do? He said, nothing! I was surprised. I have not even seen a gun fight in real life. He told me, ‘There is a mystery about Annu. Just come the way you are. You are a sensible actor. I don’t want you to come with any baggage’. The moment I reached the set, I realised the importance of what he told me. We first emphasised on getting the look of the character right. If you are feeling right about the way you style for a character, I think your work starts from there.

How is Ram Gopal Varma as a director?

He doesn’t talk much on the set. His way of working is very different. He is very specific about what he wants. He will not take an extra ‘hmm’ also and will cut it. We are used to listening ‘good shot’ or ‘very good shot’ from directors. He just says ‘ok’. I was ‘ok’ till three shots. After the 4th shot, I walked up to him and asked, am I just doing ok? Do you think I can do better? He replied, ‘my ok means excellent!’ Also, the extra camera work which he adds to a scene contributes a lot to the depth of your character.

Sarkar 3
Sarkar 3

How was your experience of working in the film?

I absolutely enjoyed playing this role. It’s very important to keep re-inventing yourself by experimenting with the characters you play. I am not a trained actor. I have learnt from whatever films I have worked in. That’s the only way I can groom myself.

How was the experience of working with Amitabh Bachchan?

To work with Amit Ji was a remarkable experience. Subhash Nagre is an iconic character. I watched the first instalment of the film when I was in college. The film carries a lot of nostalgia. It is such a feeling of pride! I had thought that when I meet him, I would tell him the list of his movies which I have watched and I am his fan. But when I finally met him, I couldn’t say anything! He makes you feel so special! He connects not just to the person sitting beside him but even to the person sitting at the 100th row!

What do you have in mind while choosing a project?

I am not a Mumbai girl. I am not an industry kid. I am not a trained actor. It doesn’t necessarily happen that what you want to do, you will be offered that kind of a film. My priorities are always director, script and role. I believe you should always keep working hard and focus on improving your skills. Also, accept your failures and magic will happen! Even if you are from the industry, it is only your hard work and talent which will take you there and nothing else.

Vicky Donor
Vicky Donor

Other young actors are taking up challenging roles, what do you have to say on that?

My debut was with a quite challenging and different kind of film, Vicky Donor. Everybody is opting for different kind of roles these days, which is a good thing. It means the audience is ready for that change.

Given a choice, which personality would you like to essay in her biopic?

Indira Gandhi Ji and Madhubala Ji.

How do you feel when the media asks you to react on some serious issue going on in the country?

This depends on the situation. Also, these days, even a little matter is dragged a lot. I understand that journalists have a deadline and target for stories. It’s your job to ask, you are not doing something for your personal pleasure. But in what kind of a situation and in what manner you ask the question— all that matters. A lot of times you are misjudged, misquoted. Sometimes you are asked to react on political issues which are often sensitive. Also, is my opinion on that particular issue really important or you are asking me for the sake of your show’s TRP? I think the media also needs to have a little filter.

How do you react to linkups, gossips about yourself?

I don’t feel anything anymore. There are times when you feel very tempted to speak, but when everybody is talking, there is no voice, there is just noise. Unless there is something involving my family, I have a lot of patience. That’s when your upbringing and background comes into play. I don’t come from a background to believe in cheap retaliations. I have dignity.

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