Salman Khan’s Magic Works For Ready

Salman Khan's Magic Works For Ready (Salman Khan Ready Movie Poster)

Salman Khan Ready Movie Poster

Sometimes film prices are governed by star power. At other times, they are governed by who the director is. In case of Salman Khan’s Ready, the success of the actor’s previous film, Dabangg, seems to be dominating over all else. For, in spite of being directed by Anees Bazmee, whose No Problem had bombed at the box-office, the worldwide theatrical rights of ‘Ready’ have been sold to Ponty Chaddha for an astronomical amount of Rs. 55 crore (Rs.550 million).

Not just that Salman’s father Salim Khan has picked up the C.P.-Berar, C.I. and Rajasthan rights of ‘Ready’ from Chaddha. What is more, Chaddha has also sold the Nizam rights of the film for Rs. 2.7 crore (Rs. 27 million) which is again an astronomical sum.

Clearly, the magic of Salman Khan is at play. Point to note is that after Chaddha acquired worldwide rights of ready, after he sold the C.P.-C.I. rights and after he struck the deal for Nizam, another Anees Bazmee film, Thank You, hit the theatres. ‘Thank You’ too, has not done too well at the box-office.

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    4 years ago | Reply

    Plz dont discourage the audience komal. Many of my friends desided not to watch the movie after seeing the clip about Ready in ETC. Leave it to the Audience. They will decide film chalega ya nai chalega

  • navjot dhillon
    4 years ago | Reply

    frnds salman copies most of his action from foreign movies in wanted and dabangg he copies it from french movies DISTRICT B13 and B13 ULTIMATUM it is dito only difference is the f***** actors

  • sohail
    5 years ago | Reply

    salman is ready n u meee too allah bless u salman best of luck for ur movieee n ready

    5 years ago | Reply

    yes insha allah the ‘READDY’ WILL BE THE BLOCKBUSTER MOVIE

  • waseem
    5 years ago | Reply

    i can’t explain about katrina kaif

  • satish vishwakarma
    5 years ago | Reply


  • ydem
    5 years ago | Reply

    there is no one as handsom as salman khan in bollywood, he is the best in everything, he is not chamcha like Sharuk khan doing chamcha to Bachan and to others. Salman is the friend of poor peoples, so may god bless him with super hit READY.

  • 5 years ago | Reply

    salman will let evrybdy r shit in frnt of him..he iz d real hunk…n ready will be a blockbuster fo sue..luv ya salman..muah

  • 5 years ago | Reply

    Hi, salman i am your small fan.i wish your film “Ready” was superhit (( M J ))

  • manu
    5 years ago | Reply

    mr.komal nahta and etc are trying hard to degrade the movie by giving negative previews. Are they right guyz.?
    Cast ur comment with Yes or No

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