Rohit Dhawan
Rohit Dhawan

Rohit Dhawan had been in top spirits in recent times, now that his debut directorial venture, Desi Boyz, is finally going to hit the screens this Friday, November 25. But the CBFC’s decision to grant the film an ‘A’ certificate has saddened the heart of the 27-year-old filmmaker. Every time one asked Rohit, how he thought of showing his two heroes as male escorts, he made it a point to explain that he had taken care to ensure that the film did not lose its family flavour because he wanted families to watch it. In other words, he had not let the film become vulgar or obscene. The ‘A’ certificate of the Central Board of Film Certification has, therefore, come as a rude shock to Rohit Dhawan. Probably, it is because the film was censored at the last moment that Rohit did not have the time for arguing his case.

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  1. The film Desi Boyz..was censored locally in Mauritius.and the Censor board here gave the film U certificate.So what is the fuss about giving a A cert in India..where films like Dirty Picture get a U cert!!!!!I have seen the film,during censor here,and it is Good family film..there have been many films in Bollywood,which are more vulgar and not good for family viewing..but they get away with U cert.
    DESI a great family film..and will be a BIG HIT,Mauritius will be rocking..Well done Rohit and EROS.


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