Priyadarshan’s Poor Record With Superstars Continues

If the poor weekend was any indication, Tezz was all set to suffer even poorer weekdays at the box office. Writing was clear on the wall when Tezz collected merely Rs. 11 crore in the opening weekend. If the word of mouth was bad, Priyadarshan‘s confession about the film being a sub-standard product didn’t help the cause either. The director claimed that he didn’t have any control over the film though the producer (Ratan Jain) felt that he did all that he could to safeguard this much delayed product. Eventually it was obvious that audience didn’t care and as a result, the first week folded up under Rs. 16 crore.

Ajay Devgan In Tezz

Ajay Devgan In Tezz

With such poor collections and hardly any enthusiasm amongst the exhibitors to continue the film in its second week, Tezz may touch the Rs. 20 crore mark but that’s about it. This translates into the fact that Ajay Devgan has now suffered yet another biggie debacle with Priyadarshan after Aakrosh. Now that’s a pity because while Aakrosh was indeed a well made movie, even Tezz wasn’t bad if one looks at it as a core commercial entertainer. This means that after Players and Agent Vinod, Tezz has now turned out to be yet another well shot and slickly made film that has failed to impress audience.

Kyuon Ki, Billu, Aakrosh Movie Poster

Kyuon Ki, Billu, Aakrosh Movie Poster

One also wonders whether there is something about Priyadarshan working with big actors that has time and again resulted in poor box office reception despite being well intentioned. Whether it is Kyon Ki… (Salman Khan), Billu (even though Shah Rukh Khan was in an extended guest appearance) and now Tezz/Aakrosh (Ajay Devgan) – the results have been hardly flattering. The only exception to this rule happens to be Akshay Kumar with whom he shares a cent percent record.

On the other hand Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi which has gone totally unnoticed. Such poor has been the follow up on the film that even the collections haven’t been made public so far. After running for merely a week and the film’s director complaining that his film has been wrongly targeted, Life Ki Toh Lag Gai is now off theatres.

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