It is absolutely tiresome for ardent Bollywood lovers to see the industry fall back on tried and tested formulae time and again. So here’s more of India and Pakistan for you. Sprinkle some intelligence warfare and song and dance and you almost got the recipe for Ek Tha Tiger.

Ek Tha Tiger Body of Lies Movie Poster
Ek Tha Tiger Body of Lies Movie Poster

But I’ll not spoil your mood criticizing the film on these lines. Set to release on the 15th of August 2012, Ek Tha Tiger stars Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif. It has been directed by Kabir Khan. Now getting to the interesting part, let us discuss writers’ credits. Apparently it is an original piece. Screenplay credits go to Neelesh Mishra and Kabir khan and so does the dialogue credits. But exactly how original is it?

If you have seen the 2008, October release, Body of Lies by renowned director Ridley Scott, you will begin to question the claim of Ek Tha Tiger creators. Body of Lies is based on the David Ignatius novel of the same name. Both have the sub-plot of emerging human emotions in the professional area of international and national security. Body of Lies is about the CIA agent Ferris and Nizar where as Ek Tha Tiger is concerned with also the love interests that Tiger, RAW agent, sees in Zoya.

Body of Lies was staged around Iraq and Ek Tha Tiger around Ireland. Also come in the objections that these agents have to face from their respective agencies. Of course, we have less than a month’s wait to deal with before we find out for real whether Ek Tha Tiger is another case of plagiarism in Bollywood .

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