Hrithik Roshan is promoting his upcoming film Bang Bang in unique ways and the the actor has been on a spree giving his co-stars weird dares. Recently the actor dared friend Ranveer Singh by tweeting to the star, “Ranveer my #bangbangdare get out of ur car n pose on d middle of any Main Street of mumbai fr your fans! Hahaha,bolo..accept??”

Well, of course Ranveer did it and we must say the actor excelled at it. The actor aped Hrithik completely and wearing the Krrish mask he performed all of Hrithik’s signature steps.

Check out Ranveer Singh performing Hrithik’s dare here:

Ranveer Singh Perform Hrithik's 'Bang Bang' Dare
Ranveer Singh Perform Hrithik’s ‘Bang Bang’ Dare

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