Yes! You heard that right. The new entrant, from Bollywood, into the Indian politics might be Shah Rukh Khan. The playful nature that he has, at a recent event when the actor was asked on who should become the next Prime Minister, guess what SRK had to say?
The actor simply pointed a finger at himself.


Well, if that’s what you are aspiring to be, we will support you Shah Rukh!

Check out more on what SRK had to say:

Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan

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  1. If he become PM then he will sell our country to Pakistan. In IPL also when every one rejected pakistan players after Mumbai attack he was the only who ready to buy them.

  2. he is screan player. 4m film industry no 1 s perfect 4 our nation ruller. Bcoz they dnt knw about urban lyf. 10q.


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