Priyanka Chopra is currently busy with the promotional activities of her upcoming Hollywood project Baywatch. The actress has become the latest diva to take the limelight in Vogue’s 73 Questions series.

PC answered every question of the 73 question series with ease and confidence. While she answered the questions, the actress took us on a tour of her New York City apartment. And, we must say the diva has got a fabulous and a cozy apartment.

The apartment looked picture-perfect and not less than any dream house! Watch the video here:

Priyanka also went on to sing a “goat meme” version of her favourite Taylor Swift song and as usual she came out through flying colours! She even tried the American and Boston accent and her American and Boston fans couldn’t really stop gushing about it.

Priyanka Chopra Takes us on her Cozy NYC House Tour
Priyanka Chopra Takes us on her Cozy NYC House Tour

She wooed her fans again with her Baywatch style slow-motion run while answering the Vogue 73 Question series. When asked to share a “misconception Americans have about Indians,” PeeCee giggled and said that not everyone in India is in an arranged marriage and that Indians don’t “speak a language called Indian-it’s like saying I speak American.”


She defined the United States with a beautiful line, “The land of the free and the home of the brave and also the cheeseburgers.”

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When asked to share a “misconception Indians have about Americans,” she said Indians assume “all Americans are super rich and you can sue anyone here though that might be true!”

Priyanka advised all the guys out there that one should not “impress a girl, but surprise her.” “Don’t do the whole chocolate and flowers thing,”

PeeCee also shared the worst cheesy pickup line she ever heard from a guy was, “Oh my God, did you just fart? ‘Cause you blew me away!”

At the end, the actress spoke about her 3 top goals, “To go to every island in the world, to have lots of babies and the third one would be…I don’t know! I’m still thinking about what my third one would be.”

The actress nailed every bit of the question series!

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