Ravi Kishan as Chief Minister Pawan Singh Chaturvedi is dominating, powerful, stylish and funny. His god gifted comic timing proves how Lucknow Central will have some hilarious humour in it too.


Makers of Lucknow Central have released a couple of dialogue promos from the film. It displays the funny side of Chief Minister Pawan Singh Chaturvedi (Ravi Kishan). We have seen his unintentional humorous side in many films before but it would be interesting to see how he’ll play a Chief Minister with so many shades.

Check out the dialogue promos from the film here:

In this dialogue promo we see Pawan Singh Chaturvedi confusing the Inspector General of Police with Traffic Constable and what happens next is hilarious. Lucknow Central is touted as a serious film but with performers like Ravi Kishan and Deepak Dobriyal, we’re sure the film will have some really comical moments.

Lucknow Central Dialogue Promos! Ravi Kishan Will Leave You In Splits With His Comic Timing
Lucknow Central Dialogue Promos! Ravi Kishan Will Leave You In Splits With His Comic Timing

“I will ask Donald Trump to send his prisoners to India for rehabilitation,” says Pawan Singh Chaturvedi – a self-indulgent Chief Minister. Ravi Kishan still holds his outstanding comic timing and it’s evident in this dialogue promo.

Ravi Kishan has always been a character actor, his Lucknow Central co-star in the film Deepak Dobriyal recently said “I think a character actor is not a derogatory term anymore, unlike earlier days. Thankfully, story writers are sensibly writing characters for people like us that play an equally important part in the narration. This is a good thing. In fact, I think the whole story telling style has changed,”

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Coming from Delhi, after seven years long theatre career, Deepak had to struggle for a few years in Mumbai before getting into the film industry. But the struggle has not made him a better person.

“I had an image of a serious actor in theatre, whereas in the film industry, I am known mainly for comedy roles. Isn’t it funny? It’s not that socio-political changes don’t affect me, but I do not air my opinion on things. Rather as an artist, I express things through my art,” he said.




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