Waiting for controversies on Karan’s couch this season? Well, there is great new for all then. After Koffee with Karan failing to make controversial headlines this time, as much as its last season, director Mahesh Bhatt and actor Emraan Hashmi will surely make it to the news after calling Kajol – an overrated actress, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – plastic and Aamir Khan – hell boring! The episode is surely awaited.


Check out the coverage of it right here :

Mahesh Bhatt and Emraan Hashmi
Mahesh Bhatt and Emraan Hashmi

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  1. Aamir Khan is boring…Emraan Hashmi shud watch his own films and then make such comments. Expression less and flop actor trying to get attention by making such remarks on Legend.

    Dhoom 3 movie’s gross box office collection is more than all movies collection that Emraan has done till date.

    • Not all his movie may 5 or 6 movies gives him 500cr, where are TDP=112CR, Raaz3=90cr, Murder2=90cr, Jannat2=80cr and rest others..
      But Dhoom3 is a dumb movie! Look at his dance, ROFL and riding bike on Rope!! Ufff, i’ve watched with my US colleagues they were keep messing with Indian cinema!!
      Hrithik not took Dhoom3 because of shitty stunts and script!!

    • What is a 150cr budget movie making of 500cr business which is double and half of the profit…Where emraan movies are doing way more better than him where are as the dirty picture movie budget is 18 cr and its profit is 117cr. which is six times double the profit..But no one looks into this. LOL

      That is the real profit rather than how much it break the all time record.


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