Acclaimed musician A.R. Rahman is all set to become a filmmaker with his movie One Heart: The A.R. Rahman Concert Film. The award-winning composer, singer, music producer, and now, the filmmaker has always been in the limelight because of his hit and soulful music.


One Heart chronicles the Indian musician’s 2015 concert tour across 14 cities in North America. The 90-minute film featured segments of performances by him and his band of cherry-picked musicians and singers, all of whom play multiple instruments.

A.R. Rahman’s One Heart : The A.R. Rahman Concert Film Is Expected To Be One Of A Kind
A.R. Rahman’s One Heart Film Is Expected To Be One Of A Kind

The entourage included singers Jonita Gandhi and Haricharan and renowned music director, singer and drummer Ranjit Barot. There are 15 songs in various Indian languages featured.It also included unseen footage of a few of Rahman’s early renditions.The documentary film got more intimate with interviews that allowed fans to see how Rahman pulled together talents and the manner in which he created his songs.

The movie was in a way a tribute to him, completing 25 years in the film music industry. In his meet with Malaysian media earlier before the screening of his film, he said: “I am more of an introvert and very happy these 25 years making music in my studio. But in the US tour, after five or six concerts, we felt we were having a great vibe, great musicians, and so we decided to document the rest of the concerts.”

One Heart: The A.R. Rahman Concert Film is getting released in more than 100 theatres in Malaysia on August 30, and later, in India on September 7. The trailer of the film received a good response from the audience. In case if you missed it, watch it here:

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The one-of-a-kind film features unseen footage and his most adored songs, performed on stage by the musician extraordinaire and his ten-member band. The film is punctuated with a series of in-depth interviews with Rahman.




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