For all those who feel, lyricists and music directors ought to get a share in the revenue from sale of a film’s music, and writers deserve a share in the revenue accruing from the sale proceeds of the films written by them, here’s some logic that might make sense to them.

If lyricists, music composers and script writers can stake their claims in the booty, shouldn’t an architect, who has designed a house, and an interior designer, who has done it up, also get a share in the profit the flat owner makes when he sells his flat some years later? After all, the architect and the interior designer can always claim that the profit accrued to the owner also because of their skilled labour put in when the house was being done up.

This observation was made by producer Jyotin Goel who describes the entire fight between producers and the other creative people as ridiculous. “How on earth can anybody except the producer stake claim on the profits?” he asks.

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