Marvel Opens Up On New Details Of Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man Screen Test
Marvel Provides Inside Information Regarding Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man Screen Test (Photo Credit: IMDb & wikimedia)

Robert Downey Jr has ended up being one of the greatest superheroes of all time when he took up the role of Iron Man. Recently the Iron Man associate producer Jeremy Latcham gave some insights from the actor’s screen test to play Tony Stark in the Marvel Studios movie.

Iron Man was the first entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and had made his appearance in over 20 movies from MCU’s phase one to phase three, making his exit in Avengers: The Endgame after killing the mad Titan Thanos by snapping the Infinity Gauntlet.



Recently, Jeremy Latcham remembered the event for Abrams Books’ The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe, saying, “A Mercedes comes pulling up at nine hundred miles an hour. It had a dancing hula-hoop girl on the dashboard. This huge dude covered in tattoos with a long beard, crazy glasses, and a hat who is Robert Downey Jr.’s right-hand man, Jimmy Rich gets out, walks around, and opens up the door.” Disney would come out in what the producer said would be a purple three-piece suit with a giant scarf. “He swings the scarf over his shoulder and goes, ‘Young man, which way to hair and makeup?’ I was like, ‘Holy sh–. What just happened?’,” he further continued.

Once he was done with his hair and makeup Robert Downey Jr came up to the Iron Man’s set. “He does one take and the entire crew bursts into applause. Boom! Tony Stark’s here!” said Latcham. It was noted by rich that RDJ was not screen-tested for this role as he had made quite an image with his legendary role of depicting Charlie Chaplin in director Richard Attenborough’s 1992 biopic Chaplin, and made it an easy job to go all-in for his Iron Man audition. “But Robert’s got a work ethic that’s beyond anybody else that I’ve ever worked with,” Rich added. “It’s inspiring. I’ve seen him bear down, but not like he did for this.”

“I saw it recently and, you know, it’s good,” Downey said when he saw his Iron Man screen test. “But there was a lot more going on, I think, than just the fact that one day went well. [Iron Man director] Jon [Favreau] was really looking for a partner, and [Marvel Studios President] Kevin [Feige] was wrestling with the idea of ‘Do you cast against type? Do you make interesting, head-scratching, maybe-they’re-on-to-something casting decisions?'”, he continued.

From there RDJ went on to earn huge honours for his role of billionaire weapons manufacturer-turned superhero Tony Stark in Iron Man which came out in 2008.

After making an appearance in many movies as the most loved and favoured superhero, Robert Downey Jr made his exits as his character Tony Stark made a selfless sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame, completing his decade-plus MCU journey.

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