A lot of people enjoy love stories, but why limit yourself to romantic stories between a guy and a girl? Love sees no gender; it’s a very natural and involuntary feeling. We often hear people saying ‘Love is love’ and that message should only get louder day by day, especially when it comes to gay love stories. As we all are under lockdown, it’s time to broaden our horizons with some beautiful Indian LGBTQ short films.

These might be short films, but they give out a strong and important message to everyone. I have listed my 5 favourite Indian LGBTQ short films that are available on YouTube and one must check them out:

These 5 YouTube Short Films On LGBTQ Are A Must Watch For Everyone Hunting For Good Content!
These 5 YouTube Short Films On LGBTQ Are A Must Watch For Everyone Hunting For Good Content!


Love needs no language and this short film is the ultimate proof of the same. Sometimes, the eyes are enough to express the affection one feels for the other person, and also the pain. You will be hooked to the unspoken journey of two men and crave for more, just like the characters do. Some love stories paint magic, sorrow, longing and pain beautifully and Sisak is that tale for me.

Let Love Be

In 2 minutes 47 seconds, the film speaks a lot not only to the homophobes but also to those who are not living their life freely because of society’s judgement. Let Love Be tells us that it doesn’t always matter if the crowd accepts you or not, YOU have to be your crowd and accept yourself first.


The short film might be titled Cliche but what we get to see is exactly opposite of what the word means! As Indians, the majority of our life’s decisions are taken by parents; including the life partners (it’s stupid though). However, in Cliche, we get to see a different side of a mother towards her son and we wish all Indian parents were this progressive and understanding. As the short film ends, you will have a smile on your face.

Through The Rainbow

When the oppressed turn into an oppressor, the situation is meant to go haywire. Imagine living a life where you can’t be yourself in front of your friends? We all are surrounded by people doing something they don’t wish to do due to peer pressure. Through The Rainbow tells us the repercussions of the same. No one deserves to be bullied for being themselves as the guilt always comes back haunting a person. It also tells us how important it is to create an environment where people can be themselves.


I loved the description of the short film – “What is right…what is wrong? What is correct … what is incorrect? Our definitions are based on our beliefs. But sometimes it helps to look at things from a different angle.” In the short film, a gay couple has a conversation at the dinner table. The plus point about Tilt is that it isn’t here to preach you; it’s just there – a couple in love and having a certain argument like all the couples in the world. The direct approach works here. All I can say is no one cares about the world’s definition of love. It is what one feels, experiences and lives with. No matter how much one tries to tilt it, it’s the truth that’s never going to change.

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