Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown Termed ‘Most Annoying & Over The Top Child Actress’, Read Thread
Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown Termed ‘Most Annoying & Over The Top Child Actress’, Read Thread

Millie Bobby Brown aka Eleven rose to fame with Stranger Things. It is one of the most popular original Netflix shows across the globe and the story revolves around young kids witnessing unusual and supernatural activities in the small town of Indiana, Hawkins.

Lately, there has been a Reddit thread going viral on the social media which states that Millie Bobby Brown is the most annoying and over the top child actress in years. Yes, you read that right.

Posted by a user named u/stephenhar6501, it says, “I hope this isn’t just me but I can’t stand MBB. She’s so stuck up. She reminds me of a young Emma Watson during her HP days, just Emma was likeable. Millie acts more like a 24y/o than a 14y/o; acts as if she’s some amazing actress & is very diva-ish. I feel fame is going to her head which is a shame because personally, I liked her at the start of Stranger Things. She’ll either be typecasted or will end up having some sort of personal problems that will ruin her career.”

Millie Bobby Brown is the most annoying & over-the-top child actress in years. from unpopularopinion

Now, if you scroll down the thread you will further read, “I couldn’t agree more. When I first watched ST I was impressed by her portrayal, even though her character Eleven doesn’t speak much throughout the episodes. I think after the release of ST season 1 she was fine. I mean, she still acted like a child she was (and still is tbh). But ever since the release of ST season 2, she started to behave like an adult, as you said in your post. Pretty much everything she does is so “adult-like” and it feels weird and cringe. She even got nominated as one of the “sexiest women” ever, but she was a child among grown-up women. I know she’s all famous and all, but she’s still a kid. Let kids be kids.”

Well, Millie Bobby Brown has faced online bullying many times. This isn’t the first time and she has always actively given back to trolls. She does act mature to her age but what’s wrong with that. What matters is that she is comfortable in her own skin and doesn’t let all these things affect her.

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