Naagin 5 EXCLUSIVE! Surbhi Chandna On Not Being Sure Initially To Finally Agreeing To Do The Show: "I Will Never Regret Saying Yes"
Naagin 5 EXCLUSIVE! Surbhi Chandna On Not Being Sure Initially To Finally Agreeing To Do The Show: “I Will Never Regret Saying Yes” (Photo Credit :Instagram/Surbhi Chandna)

Naagin 5 is currently making the TV audience happy with the fantastic cast and new storyline. Starring Surbhi Chandna, Mohit Sehgal and Sharad Malhotra, Ekta Kapoor has given the audience the fifth season of her popular supernatural franchise. The latest season started with Hina Khan, Mohit Malhotra and Sharad Malhotra who were later replaced by the trio mentioned above for the present-day story.


Koimoi spoke to Surbhi Chandna about working in a supernatural drama. This is her first collaboration with Ekta Kapoor too. The actress also talked about the humongous reactions from fans all over the country for her latest show. When asked about her reaction of being offered Naagin 5, the Ishqbaaaz actress said, “The first time I was offered Naagin 5 was 2 months back or longer probably, during the lockdown. They said that they are coming with 5th season.”


Surbhi Chandna added, “I told them that I had just finished my previous show in March. My next step is probably going to be web. I’ve not given it a thought because I like taking 6-7 months break before I jump on to some other wagon. I said, ‘See that’s also a genre that I’ve never tapped.’ It’s a fantasy world and something that I’ve never done. So, I don’t know if I’m ready for it. We forgot about the call. They understood that right now, she is not ready. After 2-3 days, I remember, I got a call from the creative team. Since then, we have only discussed the story, we’ve convinced each other. Also, I thought that I don’t know if I’m the right person to play Naagin because it’s such a big franchise, it’s a brand and a huge responsibility. We’ve had such successful seasons in the past. It’s something given on to your shoulders. Not that I’m shying away from any kind of responsibility. But yes, people tend to make comparisons and we know it’s natural.”

Surbhi Chandna said that after doing a lot of back and forth of calls with the makers, she realised the current season is different from what was shown in the past. She added, “Then I had my family backing me because sometimes, you are not confident, you are underconfident. That’s exactly what I was in Naagin 5’s case. But now that I’m on sets, we’ve aired 3-4 episodes and there’s such an amazing response and reaction. I will never ever regret this thing (saying yes for the show).”

When Surbhi made an entry on the show, she was trending on Twitter for 2 days. What does she think of such Twitter trends? The Naagin 5 star said, “Yes, we have these Twitter trends. When the first look was revealed, we had this crazy Twitter trend. Everybody was talking about it. Usually, in every season, the biggest mystery is ‘who is going to be the Naagin?’ ‘What is the dress going to be like?’ I was going through similar things. By the time we’d decided that I’m doing this show, the next step was what is my outfit going to be like. It got ready much later actually. I started the shoot and I was told the outfit is going to be red. I just couldn’t wait. I think it’s such a lovely blend of red and gold. Fans have appreciated it. My dear friends and everyone else have really appreciated the look of Naagin.”

Surbhi Chandna added, “But now I see another kind of trend where people are enjoying the chemistries; whether it is Bani-Jay or Bani-Veer. It’s a very interesting and pacy show. As I’m talking to you, fans have sent me screenshots of Veer and me together. Sharad and I had a particular dance and they call it ‘Vaani’ fans. They’re trending it and it’s crazy. I had not expected it, not too soon of course. When I drive back home and read these comments, it makes me smile. I had serious doubts about my performance as Naagin, but I see people appreciating that. “

It is said that when an actor works with Ekta Kapoor in a TV show, their life changes for good. Their popularity grows more and more. Surbhi agrees with this statement and was all praises for the Czarina of television. She said, “There’s nothing to not agree in the statement. Once you do an Ekta Kapoor show, your life changes. My idea of doing a show with her is because any actor’s dream is to work with Balaji. I have done two really good shows in the past. My wishlist secretly had on the top that I have to work with Ekta, I have to work with Balaji. I want to work with this stunning woman. I’ve had this hunger. So we have been talking in the past for shows, on the web platforms also. But for some or the other reason, it would get affected. Naagin 5 is the show where we came together. I don’t know if it’s about becoming more famous etc. For me, it is about being happiest doing a Balaji show. I still can’t sink this whole feeling that I’m doing a Balaji show. It is that important dream for me. I’ve interacted with Ekta on various occasions. What a person she is! My only regret is not seeing her in person because of COVID-19. I know that usually gives narrations where everyone sits together. I happened to meet her on the Zoom meeting.”

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