It has been more than a week since Money Heist Season 4 released on Netflix. The latest season of La Casa de Papel received rave reviews from critics and fans all over the world. The story of Professor and his gang have taken unexpected turns.


People who have watched the show are hopeful for another season. Many took to their social media pages to share their own theories on what will happen in the 5th season of Money Heist. These theories and assumptions are crazy but also make sense.

Money Heist Season 4: These Crazy Theories On Gandia, Tokyo & Others Will Excite You For La Casa De Papel's Next Season!
Money Heist Season 4: These Crazy Theories On Gandia, Tokyo & Others Will Excite You For La Casa De Papel’s Next Season!

Take a look at some crazy Money Heist theories shared by fans:

Gandia is not dead

Gandia is the reason why Nairobi died. He became one of the most hated characters of this season. In the last episode, Bogota beats up him. But did he die? Fans don’t think so as his body wasn’t shown.

Alicia Sierra is Berlin’s lover

After season 3 came out, many fans thought that Alicia is Tatiana, Berlin’s lover. They were hoping the makers of La Casa de Papel will reveal it in the fourth season. But that didn’t happen. However, fans still think Alicia is Tatiana, who Berlin gets married in the past.

The escape plan

When Professor’s gang members conducted heist in Royal Mint of Spain, they all exited through a tunnel. However, in this season, no one is digging a tunnel. Fans think heist members will escape through the main door this time.

My theory of escape from Bank of Spain! from LaCasaDePapel


Alicia Sierra is Paris

In the last scene of Money Heist Season 4, we all witnessed Alicia finding Professor’s whereabouts and getting hold of him. However, fans think she is the Plan Paris and her heist name is Paris. She will be joining our mastermind for the Bank of Spain heist.

[Spoilers] Some theories for season 4. from LaCasaDePapel

Everyone dies except for Tokyo

A Reddit user shared that everyone in the show dies except for Tokyo. The fan has raised a strong point that Tokyo is the one who is narrating the story. It means the heists have happened in the past and only she survived.

Another Theory: Everyone dies except for Tokyo. from LaCasaDePapel

What is your theory about these characters and Money Heist Season 4? Let us know in the comments below.

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