FRIENDS Trivia #6: Not Jennifer Aniston, THIS Actress Was The First Choice For Rachel!
FRIENDS Trivia #6: Not Jennifer Aniston, THIS Actress Was The First Choice For Rachel!

With each new day, we’re anticipating an announcement date of the FRIENDS reunion episode. 10 years, 10 seasons but every scoop regarding our favourite character is crystal clear. However, we may not know some of the stuff, so why not gain a masters there too? That’s what our trivia for the day is. Did you know that Jennifer Aniston was not the first choice for the role of Rachel Green? Read on.


Yes, it may have come as a surprise to many, but The Morning Show actress was not the first choice. In fact, she was the last to audition amidst all her co-stars. Rachel was originally offered to Téa Leoni, who had turned the role down for her another show, called The Naked Truth. FRIENDS’ creators David Crave and Marta Kauffman themselves had revealed the information in their previous statements.

“Téa Leoni was the first choice for Rachel but turned it down to do a show called The Naked Truth that was canceled after only three seasons,” they said to AOL.


But WAIT! There’s more. The role was later offered to Courteney Cox. That is another shocker, we know! However, the actress maintained that she relates to Monica more, and would like to instead play that. Although there had been competition for playing the latter, Cox made the cut and finally was roped in for what she wanted to play!

David Crane had originally “originally offered Rachel to Courteney Cox, but she said she wanted to do Monica, not Rachel,” a report by Vanity Fair had reported post a conversation with Marta Kauffman.

So, after all the saga, the role was offered to Jennifer Aniston and the rest remains history.

Can you imagine Rachel and Monica being played by Courteney and Aniston respectively? How, thankful are we for that not happening!

Did you like our today’s FRIENDS trivia? Stick to the space, more more such information!

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