Arhaan Behl For Fear Factor
Arhaan Behl For Fear Factor

BIG RTL Thrill, Action ka Baap the action entertainment channel targeted at male audiences, offering them the best of dubbed international action content, announces the coming on board of Television Superstar Arhaan Behl as the new host for  their marquee show, Fear Factor…Khatron Se Takkar. The stunt reality show which pits contestants against each other in a variety of extreme physical & mental stunts, will now see a new twist in its Indian presentation with Arhaan’s inclusion. The season, which will make its Indian debut on BIG RTL Thrill later this March, promises to have the best mix of exciting, dangerous and fierce stunts, promising to leave the Indian men on the edge of their seats.

Arhaan made for the most ideal choice, thanks to his martial arts background and popularity owning to his past television experience. His rugged look and hard-hitting attitude perfectly complemented the overall theme of the Fear Factor Khatron Se Takkar series. In his role as the host of the show ,Arhaan Behl will be seen taking viewers on an action-packed joyride while leading them through the different stages of the competition as the contestants fight the odds to win the prize money. The versatile actor will speak about fear, positivity and the power of the human mind in sailing through tough situations.

BIG RTL Thrill, which launched only in November 2012 has already garnered huge loyal audience base and is poised for growth. The internationally stylized stunts on Fear Factor…Khatron Se Takkar satiate the need for endless action entertainment. Every episode of the show features new and unique daring stunts which force contestants to face their worst fears. 

Speaking about the new inclusion in the Fear Factor family, Mr. Sunil Kumaran, Business Head – Language TV, Reliance Broadcast Network Limited said, “With Arhaan hosting Fear Factor…Khatron Se Takkar, we enhance the Indian flavour to our international content. We are confident of him hitting it off with audiences from start and are excited about the avenues that it opens for audiences and marketers.”

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