Before Mirzapur 2 Arrives, 5 Reasons Why You MUST Rewatch Season 1!
Before Mirzapur 2 Arrives, 5 Reasons Why You MUST Rewatch Season 1! (Pic credit – Mirzapur / Instagram )

Mirzapur isn’t just run-of-the-mill crime drama. Ask any fan out there and they’ll wax lyrical about how the show is entertainment at its best. A show so gripping that it doesn’t let you blink your eye till the last second of the last episode. Such is the ‘bhaukaal’ created by the web series that there is a sadness in the atmosphere, once you complete the show since your heart wants more of it.

Having taken the entire nation by storm, the ever-growing wait amongst ardent fans of the show made them start an online trend with the question – Mirzapur Kab Aa Raha Hai? While there’s a little less than two weeks to go for Amazon Prime Video to drop the second season of this epic saga, here’s listing down 5 major reasons from the millions of reasons to watch this show.

India’s most-watched true-crime thriller – In its truest sense, a crime thriller is a good story with a lot of action and one that is full of twists and turns. If you’re looking for a show that ticks all those boxes, well you’ll certainly be watching the right show in Mirzapur. It’ll surprise you in the most unimaginable ways and leave you would biting your nails throughout the entire season in anticipation of what’s going to happen next. Well, there is a reason why fans are dying for the second season to drop right. Having given each one of them ample food for thought, it’s no surprise to see Mirzapur being a show that everyone wants to get a bite of.

Kaleen Bhaiyya’s Swag Such is this don’s swag that his character, despite being the villain, is the undisputed hero of Mirzapur. We simply couldn’t have written down this listicle without mentioning his swag and ‘varchasv’ amongst the top reasons to watch the show. Not talking about it is simply a grave insult to him. Pankaj Tripathi once again displays his stellar acting skills and breathes life into this character, who rules over the land as the King of Mirzapur. Being a man who always means business and someone who you’d rather be on good terms with, there’s no surprise to see Guddu Pandit have his work cut out as he looks to topple Kaleen Bhaiya.

Guddu Bhaiyya’s Determination – To even raise your voice against Kaleen Bhaiyya in Mirzapur is something considered unimaginable. But we don’t we just love rooting for the underdog. Having lost his brother and wife at the hands of Kaleen Bhaiya, Guddu Bhaiya is a man on a mission and is hell bent on avenging the death of his loved ones with unmatched determination. The journey of Guddu Bhaiyya is a true story of a street boy turning into a nightmare. From the point where one call from Kaleen Bhaiyya would result in Guddu destroying neighbourhoods to the point where Mirzapur fans are eagerly waiting for a showdown between Kaleen and Guddu, here’s a character whose arc has undergone a transformation beyond our wildest imagination.

A dummies guide to Shuddh Hindi – If you think Hindi is not a cool enough language, watch till you see Mirzapur. Because, frankly, once you start, there’s no turning back. The Mirzapur slang and dialogues are so cool that most of them have translated into daily lives and the young audience, especially millennials, use them almost everywhere.

Packed with Action ­– To find a dull moment in Mirzapur might be one of the most impossible tasks one could be assigned. At every point in the show you will be clenching your fists in excitement. In fact, there is one iconic moment in the show where Munna Tripathi turns a wedding into a graveyard. For the uninitiated, this scene is more violent than the Red Wedding from Game of Thrones

The Mirzapur Universe – One legitimately has to be living under a rock if he or she hasn’t heard about Mirzapur, the Tripathi Khandaan, the Pandit Brothers, the Shukla Family and every other character on the show. The universe of this show is so diverse and so intricately woven together that the show itself has now became part of pop culture. Don’t believe us? Watch the show for yourself.

There are still two weeks left for Mirzapur season 2 to be released, this truly is the best time for those who haven’t watched this show and those who want to refresh their memories. Rest assured that not even a single minute of yours will be wasted. And it is normal for one to crave more of Mirzapur after watching the first season (Amazon Prime Video, hope you hearing us?) and the only way right now to get more of Mirzapur as of this moment is to watch the second season’s trailer again. Here you go:

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