AIB comedian Utsav Chakraborty who became the media target last year after being alleged for Sexual harassment has now made a comeback on social media.


A couple of days back Utsav took to Twitter and shared some screen grabs of his chat with several women. The screengrabs were meant to prove that his chat and the exchange of private pics with all those women especially with a female comedian named Mahima Kukreja was consensual.

After MeToo Alleged AIB Comedian Utsav Chakraborty Shares Screen Grabs Of His Chat, This Is How Mahima Kukreja Has Reacted
After #MeToo Alleged AIB Comedian Utsav Chakraborty Shares Screen Grabs Of His Chat, This Is How Mahima Kukreja Has Reacted

In a series of tweets he wrote, “So the events of last year, didn’t just trigger a faux public call out but a private one too. There were people who went around accounting tales of me sending unsolicited pictures in personal circles as well. When it was patently untrue. Case in point: @4ngery”

His next tweets read as, “Now context is @4ngery (Krupa Gohil) was an ex-AIB social media employee who had a particular axe to grind with the folks who ran AIB. I know this because I also echoed the same sentiment at that time. We were fairly pally online and I thought of her as a friend.”

“What I didn’t know, however, that post the events of October 2018 she made a complete U-turn to how she felt about me and went around poisoning the minds of people who could help. This was particularly devious because she actively made sure that I was left with NO support system.”

“Like many, she used my downfall as a way to get back at AIB. Spread the word publicly that it was an unsafe place to work because it was full of predators (like me, of course) and that she was put in jeopardy by the management. Also, she campaigned to have their videos be taken down.”


“When I confronted her, she doubled down and said that I sent her an unsolicited dick pic. Which couldn’t have been further from the truth because I have her enthusiastic consent (and appreciation) on record. Not to mention that she followed it with nudes of her own.”

“What prompted it? Perhaps it had something to do with her friendship with @kanikakaul22, which obviously seems suspect in retrospect now. Perhaps the way they bonded was by sharing their fake trauma about me. I don’t know. It’s a speculation, not an insinuation.”

“(Also Acciobae was her earlier handle on Twitter so I saved it as such on Snapchat. I changed her name to Krupa after a while. This is open to scrutiny for any investigative agencies.)”

After Utsav’s revelations on Twitter, Mahima Kukreja reacted and said, “Why did Utsav keep multiple screenshots of private conversations from years ago with multiple women from Snapchat and other apps, an act which is a violation of privacy in itself, unless he believed he might be called out for predatory behaviour in future and could use some of them out-of-context to serve his narrative?”

She then added, “I have not made a single rupee out of the #MeToo movement. Utsav and other parties and individuals have come together to malign me and the #MeToo movement so powerful men can keep getting away with sexual harassment and abuse in some sick fantasy of revenge. I did not make any money. It is disgusting to say that a victim of sexual harassment is telling the truth to earn money. It has been an extremely challenging and debilitating experience in recounting what I have gone through and expressing it as above.”

We wonder where’s this controversy heading now!

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