Abhay 2 continues with its thrilling appeal as the battle between Kunal Kemmu and Ram Kapoor intensifies
Abhay 2 Continues With Its Thrilling Appeal As The Battle Between Kunal Kemmu & Ram Kapoor Intensifies

When the first three episodes of Abhay 2 were streamed last month, it took a diversion at a cliffhanger. The battle lines had been drawn between Kunal Kemmu and a mysterious man, Ram Kapoor, even as the latter threw quite a few challenges loud and clear. ‘Take care of the criminals and I will spare the kidnapped children’, was the call that he made. Now that 2 more episodes from Abhay 2 have been unveiled on ZEE5, the battle has only intensified between the two men.

‘Kabhi to musukura diya kar’, is what Ram Kapoor tells Kunal Kemmu, even as more and more hints are dropped around some unsolved crimes, aptly taken to the conclusion by the STF officer. He is no mood to smile though, or even have a semblance of personal life this time around, as he is racing against time. If in the fourth episode he gets 24 hours to save a child, in the fifth he gets a bit of grace period, what with Ram Kapoor allowing him 48 hours to bring him two children.

It isn’t an easy task though, as the criminals that he is facing are all twisted in their mind. If Indraneil Sengupta, taking care of his mother while bathing her with red hot blood, is a homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, there is an inner Karthik Calling Karthik revealed for a newlywed bride Aasheema Vardaan, who is fighting multiple personality disorder.

This time around, there isn’t any major mystery or suspense around the motive or actions of the deranged minds at play. The stage is set pretty soon in the day and the game is more about how they would be caught rather than why they were doing what they did. While this also means that the usual mystery and suspense element is missing, something that has been the hallmark of Abhay 2, director Ken Ghosh more than makes up for it by showcasing how the criminals would be taken to the task.

Particularly interesting is the manner in which Kunal Kemmu and his team go about solving the case for the Indraneil episode. It is interesting to see an approach a la The Mentalist being taken as the old records are dug out and the connections established. It is exciting indeed and though the culmination seems a wee bit hurried, you don’t quite mind it. On the other hand, the Aasheema episode has its moments though a bit more depth in the character’s mindset, pun intended, could have helped even more.

That said, what continues to catch your attention is the nucleus of it all, which is the motive, intentions and modus operandi of Ram Kapoor. It makes for good viewing, more so because the actor plays it all so naturally and with the right mix of wit and command. He is a delight to watch each time around he comes on the scene and the manner in which he challenges Kunal makes for intense viewing. As for Kunal, he has truly immersed into the character of Abhay and that’s what helping immensely in the continuity factor now.

There is still a lot more in the pipeline though and with rest of the episodes set to be unveiled on 29th September, one waits to check out if the second season would come to a satisfying end.

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