X-Men Days Of Future Past Movie Poster
X-Men Days Of Future Past Movie Poster

Rating: 3/5 Stars (Three stars)

Star cast: Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Peter Dinklage, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart

Director: Bryan Singer

What’s Good: The larger than life prologue to the future of the earth where both mutants and humans survive a similar fate, good or bad, is an events – packed reel brought together for the fanatics so no scope of losing track due to boredom. In 3D, the first half – an – hour is solid value for money.

What’s Bad: Nothing really if you haven’t read the comics. This is Singer’s perfect comeback. If, however, you did read up, screenplay becomes a wee bit controversial. Another problem is trying to fit too much into a movie when there is an option of lengthening the franchise, this made every character just come and go without much definition. A misfit watch for the newcomers to the mutant universe.

Loo break: Absolutely none!

Watch or Not?: Let us not forget it is the summer vacations. So yes, if you are waiting for that seasonal masterpiece for your family or friends to watch along with, there is no better choice available. Fanatics of the franchise will love it for the building storyline that does not lose track. However, the Marvel fans may have an issue or two with character portrayals.


User Rating: 

This one was definitely worth the wait. The X-Men has been here for a time long enough to have devotees. So yes, there will be absolute worshippers. Based on the aspect of humans ‘fearing all that is different from them’, X-Men takes comics seriously by linking the socio – political aspect of the behavior of the United States towards immigrants. The mutants, however, save the day and future is mended. All this happens by sending Wolverine and the getting together of the team in the past to make sure that changes are made so that a favourable future follows. One note to this future is, for instance, Beast survives and teaches in the academy.

The narrative is smooth enough to provide space for the story as a whole. The shift of script between past and present happens smoothly and so does the psychological construct of Charles and Mystique. The portrayal of characters, and let us not forget how many of them are key to the academy, become a bit clumsy as not enough building is done for each of them as, let us say, is done for Professor X. One may also go back and make a trivial query as to why the patchy 3D glasses should have been stuck to when the effects were almost ordinary fan – fiction style except for parts of the 1st half.

Nicholas Hoult in a still from movie 'X-Men: Days of Future Past'
Nicholas Hoult in a still from movie ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’

X-Men Days Of Future Past Review: Script Analysis

Being of the classic fan-fiction genre, the entire credit cannot be handed out to the script writer as a fair share goes to the author. However, let us note the clarity of shifts from what is history to history in making and later to that of the contemporary future. At times one feels how the script has actually put in effort to fit in the huge space and time and long list of characters to make a presentable outline of it all.

There is not much mystery or promises of a thriller and rightly so as the storyline revolves around the time-travelling to budge occurrences in a known past. Of course there are only two possibilities in the future, either destruction or harmony. That old dilemma of whether violence is the key to peace arises. Interestingly the States stand on the need for war to restore peace seems rather relevant. The humour in wit, and essentially, the character – interactions have been very well organized. For once, not having enough space in the script also made that Logan does not have more than humongous presence as has been the case with the earlier scripts, but of course the storyline has certain demands too and it is understandable that the script has to comply as does the story.

X-Men Days Of Future Past Review: Star Performances

This was McAvoy and Fassbender’s script. So even with hunk and Logan around, or for that matter Storm’s fatal injuries, the light focuses on the two, Professor X and the infamous Eric. No doubt they do justice to their part. A little disappointment arises with Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique remains the center of confusion, love, duty and adoration; Lawrence’s portrayal hardly expresses much. In fact, the dialogues save the day. Roger Mussenden’s casting proves to be really successful and it is a bit hard to compare acting skills as mostly all do their part with panache. Whereas Game of Thrones fame Dinklage proves his worth, also lookout for Josh Helman as Stryker.

X-Men Days Of Future Past Review: Direction, Editing and Screenplay

There was a hint of confusion due to the rapidity of the plot. However, the entire team handles that quite well. Editing has been almost flawless as the minutest interactions and aspects appear informative. There is no dullness in the script either. Writers Jane Goldman, Simon Kinberg and Matthew Vaughn takes care of that. In fact one may say it revolves around a bit too fast as we’ve already discussed in details. The screenplay, by Kinberg, may not be perfect, but that glitch gets covered with Singer’s directorial finesse and Ottman’s editorial expertise. The only problem remains with such a minimized use of the theme in the background score, especially when the music maker is the editor too, John Ottman. Such less as the fanatic has to wait till the theater is almost empty so that one may catch the score being played in the end – credits. Again, in 3D you expect better from Marvel guessing they will have learnt something from the Avengers as far as special effects are concerned. An epic past – present – future conversation could have done better with some extraordinary effects, not that we don’t respect the excellent Lehnsherr prison-break scene. Cinematography and special effects courtesy go to Newton Thomas Sigel and Iron Head Studios ( in collaboration with a horde of artists ), respectively.

X-Men Days Of Future Past Review: The Last Word

Catch this one because you have waited for some good ol’ fan-fic that does not try too hard to elucidate on the ‘good over evil’ aspect. A neat take on the rising divides between the mutants and the people and the institution of the State biting into the decision – making. This is an applicable storyline that definitely travels beyond fiction. So the kid can watch this for the respect to fandom paying some homage to Storm who is highly under – portrayed in this one, or simply to be introduced to the franchise. The adult can take this as an apt swing from the news channels and news papers that talk of similar war – making day in and day out.

X-Men Days Of Future Past Trailer

X-Men Days Of Future Past releases on 23rd May, 2014.

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