Winnie The Pooh wakes up hungry, takes part in a contest to find Eeyore’s tail, then goes on a wild goose chase with his friends, looking for an imaginary creature. Read the review for more.

Winnie The Pooh Review

Business rating: 0.5/5 star

Voice cast: Jim Cummings, Bud Luckey, Craig Ferguson, Jack Boulter, John Cleese.

What’s Good: The quality of animation; the comedy which will appeal to some kids; the voice acting.

What’s Bad: The very short duration of the film; the simplistic script which will bore almost all except some children.

Verdict: Winnie The Pooh is a good fare for a section of the kid audience only. It will get little appreciation at the Indian box-office.


Loo break: None.

Watch or Not?: Watch it only if your kids insist.

User Rating:

Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Winnie The Pooh is an animation film about the exploits of the bear, Winnie the Pooh, and his friends.

In the imaginary land of the Hundred Acre Wood, Winnie the Pooh and his friends – Eeyore (donkey), Owl, Tigger (tiger), Piglet, Rabbit and Kanga and Roo (kangaroos) – are looking for Eeyore’s missing tail. Owl even announces a contest for finding the missing tail, the winner of which will be given a pot of honey.

Winnie The Pooh, who is very hungry since having woken up that morning, wants to win the honey. Later, Pooh finds a note from his friend, young boy, Christopher Robin, which reads, “Gone out. Busy. Back soon.” But the Owl misinterprets the note, saying that Robin had been abducted by a creature called a ‘Backson’.

Immediately, the whole group sets out to lay a trap to capture the imaginary kidnapper. What happens then? Is Pooh able to find the honey? What about Eeyore’s tail? Does Christopher Robin come back?

Winnie The Pooh Review

Winnie The Pooh Review – Script Analysis

The story of Winnie The Pooh (by Stephen J. Anderson, Clio Chiang, Don Dougherty, Don Hall, Brian Kesinger, Nicole Mitchell and Jeremy Spears) is too simplistic and would be found cute by some kids only for whom it seems to be tailor-made. The characters (based on original characters by A.A. Milne and E.H. Shepard) are well-etched and funny. The dialogues are witty. Also, the character of Pooh, the dumb bear, is especially quite endearing. However, in spite of its short running time of just over an hour, the film gets boring beyond a point for the audience who are not children. The narrative also progresses rather slowly.

Winnie The Pooh Review – Voice Performances

The voice acting is very good. Jim Cummings (as Winne The Pooh and Tigger) does an excellent job. Bud Luckey (as Eeyore), Craig Ferguson (as Owl), Jack Boulter (Christopher Robin), Travis Oates (as Piglet), Tom Kenny (as Rabbit), Kristen Anderso-Lopez (as Kanga) and Wyatt Dean Hall (as Roo) also shine. John Cleese’s narration of the story is appropriate.

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