Rating: 3/5 Stars (Three stars)

Star Cast: Kunal Kapoor, Kritika Kamra

Director: Sumit Aroraa

White Shirt Poster
White Shirt Poster

What’s Good: White Shirt is an extremely relatable tale. Both Kunal Kapoor and Kritika Kamra do a great job.

What’s Bad: There’s nothing novel in the story and it does not surprise us with its treatment.

Watch or Not?: This short film will be like a mirror for people who have been in relationships that left them heartbroken. It is worth a watch if you like relationship dramas.

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Trust is the key to every happy relationship and what happens when it is broken is essentially what the film revolves around. Avik (Kunal Kapoor) and Vani (Kritika Kamra) are a live-in couple whose relationship takes a hit after Avik cheats on Vani and she confronts him about the same.

Sorry is no cure to cheating and hence Vani asks Avik to move out.

After Avik trying to apologize and finding reasons to have a chat with her, will Vani forgive him or will she move on is what is left to see.

White Shirt Review
White Shirt Review

White Shirt Review: Script Analysis

Sumit Aroraa taps into a very interesting topic with this short film. Loving and letting go off someone you love is one of the hardest thing. When is it the right time to get out of a relationship that’s not making you happy is what it is about.

It’s lovely how Aroraa spins the story around a white shirt that was once a reminder of the the fragrance of a lover and how it loses its purity once the there is breach of trust.

The conversations are sharp, especially the ones over the phone where there is a deeper meaning involved to the ‘Are you okay?’ and ‘I’m Fine’.

Where the story falls short is that the writers give it a very cliched ending. Also, infidelity is not the only cause for people to drift apart these days, another angle could have been thought of.

White Shirt Review: Star Performance

Kunal Kapoor fits the bill perfectly. He is well suitable as Avik who’s apologetic towards his actions and is trying hard to convince his lover to forgive him.

Kritika Kamra is amazing as Vani. Her calm yet heartbroken act is good enough.

White Shirt Review: Direction, Music

Sumit Aroraa does a good job with this film as the story moves from past to present. Scenes such as Avik and Vani’s last meet are impressively shot. Also the one where Vani confronts Avik about his infidelity.

The music is one of the best things in this short film. The background score blends well with the way the story is progressing.

White Shirt Review: The Last Word

White Shirt is a nice short film dealing with heartbreak and moving on. This could give courage for all those broken hearted souls to move on from their unhappy relationships.

Watch The Short Film ‘White Shirt’ Here

White Shirt released on 19th Feb, 2017.

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