What Are The Odds? Movie Review Rating: 3.5/5 Stars (Three and a half stars)

Star Cast: Yashaswini Dayama, Abhay Deol, Karanvir Malhotra

Director: Megha Ramaswamy

What Are The Odds? Movie Review: It's So Beautiful That You Won't 'Watch' It Because You'll 'Stare'!
What Are The Odds? Movie Review: It’s So Beautiful That You Won’t ‘Watch’ It Because You’ll ‘Stare’!

What’s Good: When you say you’re going to ‘watch’ a film, this is something you’ll ‘stare’ at, it’s a moving form of an alluring painting filled with pastel colours

What’s Bad: When you have so much of stuff going on-screen, you wish for some twists, turns and sudden explosions of information – that’s missing. Yes, some might find its simplicity as the USP but I craved for surprises

Loo Break: It’s just 90 minutes, control your bladder because you’re on the good side of Netflix content & there’s not any serial killer around

Watch or Not?: Even if you’re using your friend’s Netflix account, watch and leave it in the ‘continue watching’ so the rest of 16 could also try it

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The story is divided into four chapters, out of which three are linearly connected to each other but one goes out of its way to form a non-linear narrative. With a gender-breaking name, we’ve Vivek (Yashaswini Dayama), a carefree, anti-social, strong-headed yet reluctant teenager spends a day with the popular head-boy of her school, wise yet fragile Ashwin (Karanvir Malhotra) who has no issues from his life. Vivek does something outlawed which ends her up with Ashwin.

Vivek is an aspiring singer and songwriter which leads us to another parallel track of a famous lounge musician Val (Abhay Deol) who doesn’t follow any stereotype to ‘look’ like a rockstar. Yet somehow, with his eternal charm, Val manages to meddle with Vivek and Ashwin’s life. It’s all about how all three of them tackle issues of their individual selves in a story together.

What Are The Odds? Movie Review: It's So Beautiful That You Won't 'Watch' It Because You'll 'Stare'!
What Are The Odds? Movie Review: It’s So Beautiful That You Won’t ‘Watch’ It Because You’ll ‘Stare’!

What Are The Odds? Movie Review: Script Analysis

Walking on the path of Master Wes Anderson, Megha Ramaswamy (who also has co-written Shaitan) follows the formula of “looking simple but being complex.” Every frame will look rosy and picturesque to you but once you pause it and understanding how everything is staged, you’ll understand it’s not simple after all. Megha draws every scene with perfect symmetry, thanks to Johan Heurlin Aidt’s everything comes to life on-screen with equal perfection.

Megha smartly juggles between writing-direction proving how her unidimensional vision helps the film to achieve a certain flavour. Though there are times when her writing passes through some shallow lanes, then she swiftly throws something beautiful at your face keeping you intrigued. Wild aspects such as ‘snowing in Mumbai’, ‘leaving wife and kids for being a crossdresser’ are gracefully given a conclusion with a tinch of magic.

What Are The Odds? Movie Review: Star Performance

Straight out of movies like Phobia, Dear Zindagi and show Delhi Crime Yashaswini Dayama manages to maintain that edgy side of character along with retaining the innocence. Would be an unpopular opinion but I loved her accent with the croaky voice adding a fresh layer to her character.

What’s more of a ‘special’ appearance for Abhay Deol, his character is beautifully weaved in the narrative. It’s not forced and it’s not for the sake of having Abhay Deol in the film. Abhay’s Val actually brings a different perspective to both the lead character’s lives making them more likeable. Yet again, a brilliant job by the best ‘Deol’ around.

Karanvir Malhotra underplays his character on-point. He’s well-aware about his charm and that’s pretty visible by his performance. But the challenge for him here was that he has to play around being vulnerable and not charming. He manages to bring the best out of Ashwin and is pretty successful in standing up to the solid performances by the other two. From the supporting cast, Manu Rishi Chadha and Sulabha Arya stand out due to their exuberant talent and likeable characters.

What Are The Odds? Movie Review: Direction, Music

Every frame set by Megha Ramaswamy screams out Wes Anderson and why not? She has managed to line-up the idiosyncrasies and rigorous details through the setting. More than feeling the depth of the story, she wants her audience to ‘see’ what’s happening around. It’s a visual-heavy film and Megha makes sure it never intervenes with the story.

Though Sagar Desai’s songs are situational, I still feel, the story had more scope of having better songs. By no means, I’m saying this one has bad songs but it required a couple of songs that you can take it with you even after the film is over. The background score goes well with the mood of the story, in-tune vocals retain the quirk.

What Are The Odds? Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, watch it for how ‘good’ the film looks. The pastel-colour treatment will make sure to keep the artist in you hooked till it lasts. Also, Abhay Deol, can you please bless our movies more often?

Three and a half stars!

What Are The Odds? Trailer

What Are The Odds? releases on 20th May 2020.

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