The Raikar Case Review: Voot Select has come with up with a new murder mystery based in Goa. Is it worth your time? Read on to know the same.


Cast: Atul Kulkarni, Ashvini Bhave, Neil Bhooopalam, Parul Gulati, Kunal Karan Kapoor

Director: Aditya Sarpotdar

Star Ratings: 3/5 Stars

The Raikar Case Review
The Raikar Case Review (VOOT): A Slightly Predictable Yet Gripping Whodunnit Murder Mystery!

The Raikar Case Review: What Is It About?

The Raikar Case is the story of a rich, famous and influential Naik Raikar family in Goa. Their lives change drastically when the youngest son named Tarun Naik Raikar (played by Honey Kamboj) from the family dies. Thanks to this one tragedy, the truth of the family comes out and everyone is considered as a suspect.

Atul Kulkarni plays the character Yashwant Raikar who the owner of Naik Raikar’s cashew business. Ashvini Bhave plays his wife, Sakshi. Tarun is their nephew whose dad and sister die in a car accident 4 years ago. The only person alive from Tarun’s first family is his mom. Actress Parul Gulati plays the role of Etasha, Atul and Ashwini’s daughter and Neil Bhoopalam plays Inspector, John Pereira. Etasha was very close to her cousin Tarun and she does everything to find out who murdered him. During the process, she finds out her family is not really happy as there are dirty secrets and selfish motives. She often says in the series to Neil’s character Pereira that she feels like a stranger in her own house. Just like Etasha, as viewers, even we see every member in the house as the culprit.

The show focuses on family bonding and values and it’s not what we see in our daily soaps. Everything is not flowery and love is not what keeps them intact. Even the show tells us that sometimes, family is the reason your life falls apart.

The series is more than just a murder mystery and we realise it in the end. There’s ugly political drama and we get to see the misogynistic behaviour of powerful men. The 7-episode drama was just a build-up for the worst to come in the next season.

The Raikar Case Review: What’s Good?


There are some good twists and turns in the series. As the story is set in Goa which is considered as one of the best places to enjoy a holiday, this murder mystery gives a completely different view of the state. The effects used in the series give a gloomy feel to the beaches, bars and greenery. Despite having flaws, you will be hooked to The Raikar Case to find out whodunit!

The Raikar Case Review: What’s Bad?

Even with some good twists, certain things are easily predictable. While watching the show, I predicted in the 3rd episode itself who might be the murderer and well, I wasn’t wrong. The camera seems shaky at times that affect the narration due to distraction. It can either be the case of lousy camerawork or a part of story-telling to tell us how everything is not perfect, not even families.

The Raikar Case Review: Performance

Atul Kulkarni, Ashvini Bhave, Neil Bhooopalam and Parul Gulati play the lead roles and they are terrific. The supporting cast Kunal Karan Kapoor, Reena Wadhwa and Honey Kamboj play key roles in the storytelling and their characters will take you for a surprise.

The Raikar Case Review: Final Verdict

Overall, The Raikar Case is watchable and despite being slightly predictable, it is riveting.

Star Ratings: 3/5 Stars

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