Ratched Review: If 2020 Were A Person, It Would Be Lile Sarah Paulson's Mildred!
Ratched Review: If 2020 Were A Person, It Would Be Like Sarah Paulson!

Ratched Review: Based on a character from Ken Kesey’s novel ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’, the new Netflix series promised with its trailer to shock your senses. Did it manage to do so? Please read our review below to find out.

Cast: Sarah Paulson, Finn Wittrock, Cynthia Nixon, Jon Jon Briones, Charlie Carver, Judy Davis, Sharon Stone

Creator: Evan Romansky, Ryan Murphy


Star Ratings: 3.5/5 stars (Three and a half stars)

Ratched Review: What’s it about?

The series tells us the back story of nurse Mildred Ratched. Set in 1947, it is based in a small town of California called, Lucia. Everything appears colourful and vibrant, but darkness lurks beneath those beautiful shades. When Edmund Tolleson (Finn Wittrock) murders 4 Priests in the first 15 mins of the first episode, you know the show isn’t an easy watch. Then comes Nurse Mildred Ratched (Sarah Paulson) to the town. She is well-dressed, confident and a woman who knows her words and work quite well. That’s why one cannot miss her presence in the room. But these great qualities exactly make her suspicious.


Mildred manages to get herself a job as a nurse at a psychiatric hospital in Lucia. She works under Dr Richard Hanover (Jon Jon Briones). But her main reason to visit Lucia and join the asylum is Edmund Tolleson. What exactly is the connection between the two people? What are her intentions? Well, those will be the spoilers, and you have to watch the show for the same.

Ratched Review: If 2020 Were A Person, It Would Be Like Sarah Paulson's Mildred!
Ratched Review: If 2020 Were A Person, It Would Be Like Sarah Paulson’s Mildred!

Ratched Review: What’s good?

When Netflix released the trailer, we got a glimpse that Sarah Paulson plays a ruthless nurse. And damn you, she indeed is! A woman so gorgeous, who dresses to the T, speaks eloquently is deep down a clever and vicious person. But as the show proceeds, she shows her human side too. But till then, we are confused about whether to take her side or despise her for what she did to get what she wants.

What’s interesting is every character have a past, dirty secrets and selfish intent. As I said, the show looks colourful; the setting seems like it’s a happy show; ironically, everything in it is majorly gruesome and triggering to watch.

Today, a lot of us want to create a world where mental health is understood; people of every s*x and s*xual preference get equal treatment. But Ratched showed how pathetic people were back then, including those who took the job to treat human minds. Being a lesbian/gay was considered a mental defect back then, and one has to go through traumatising treatment to get rid of the ‘disease’.

Sarah Paulson is a treat to watch. She’s phenomenal as Mildred Ratched. The best way to describe her character is something like 2020. Everything was going well, then comes 2020 who initially screwed with small things and eventually, cause great havoc. In 2020, nothing is in our control, and we have to live as per what it is making us do. Sarah’s character possesses similar qualities. She enters and wrecks several lives and makes the rest act as per her wish.

Funn Wittrock as Edmund Tolleson might be a killer, but his other side may make you think he’s also a coward. The duo gives an outstanding performance. But the other actors who did their job really well are Judy Davis as Nurse Bucket and Jon Jon Briones as Dr Richard Hanover.

Ratched Review: If 2020 Were A Person, It Would Be Like Sarah Paulson's Mildred!
Ratched Review: If 2020 Were A Person, It Would Be Like Sarah Paulson’s Mildred!

Ratched Review: What’s bad?

I’ll give it to the writing and direction that managed to grab my attention from the beginning itself. I was left wondering what is exactly going on in the first four episodes. Sometimes, the thrill of not knowing anything soon is exciting; but at times, when certain episodes are dragged with no significant revelation, it’s irksome. Also, the music used in the series was quite good. But not up to the mark in terms of quantity. For a show that looks exquisite yet dark in its tone, music would’ve played a good catalyst to give out more creepiness and chills.

Ratched Review: Final Word

Overall, Ratched is engaging and worth watching. It has eight episodes, and you will fall in love with Sarah Paulson, no matter the kind of suspicious character she plays. If 2020 were a person, it would look like the actress! Mind you; some scenes will trigger you. So watch the Netflix series only if you are in that state of mind to watch a psychological thriller this gory and wrathful. Also, the cliffhanger is AMAZING, and I can’t wait to know what’s next for Mildred and others who survived.

Star Ratings: 3.5/5 Stars

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