Biohackers Review: Luna Wedler & Jessica Schwarz Starrer Netflix Show Has The PERFECT Release Period
Biohackers Review: Luna Wedler & Jessica Schwarz Starrer Netflix Show Has The PERFECT Release Period

Biohackers Review: Star Cast: Luna Wedler, Jessica Schwarz, Adrian Julius Tillmann, Thomas Prenn, Caro Cult, Jing Xiang, Sebastian Jakob Doppelbauer

Director, Writer & Creator: Christian Ditter

Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama, Thriller

Streaming On: Netflix

Biohackers What’s The Story? And How’s The Screenplay?

A lot has been talked and discussed about viruses, biological weapons and pandemic in 2020. Biohackers informs you about how biohacking technology can be used for good and bad of society. While it introduces you with some really cool features of the technology it also shows how it can harm the people really bad.

Biohackers is about Mia (Luna Wedler), a brilliant medical student who wants to take revenge from Professor Lorenz (Jessica Schwarz). Lorenz who is a genius bio professor is responsible for carrying out an experiment in the past which killed her twin and many other children. As she gains her trust and becomes one of her assistants, Mia unravels the dirty side of the profession. 

The good part of the story and screenplay is how it binds education and entertainment together. There are some really interesting concepts about biotechnology that you are going to love totally. I am sure after watching this show a lot of youngsters will want to learn more about it.


Coming to the thrill and drama, it could’ve been better. The story had a great scope of mystery and thrill but at times it feels a lot of scope was left unexplored. While the show still turns out to be a decent to good watch, I was seriously looking for more. Christian Ditter’s screenplay is interesting but drags a bit. Even though the show is not long and has just 6 episodes of moderate duration, it could’ve been a little tighter. At the same time, it could’ve been more complex. A story like this can really engross the audience with its complexities. Especially when it’s not a film but show format, I don’t know why the makers didn’t try to make it a 7 or even 8 episode affair. 

Biohackers Review: Are The Performances & Direction?

Luna Wedler as Mia is confident and shines on screen. She is a young actor who is highly promising. Looking forward to seeing more of her work. 

Jessica Schwarz as Professor Lorenz is good. Her character has a style. She doesn’t overtly express in situations and that’s why it was less demanding. And Jessica has played her part sincerely.

Adrian Julius Tillmann as Jasper is good too. Sebastian Jakob Doppelbauer has his own funny moments. He plays a really interesting character which amazes and makes you laugh at the same time. Watch out the scene where he implants a chip in his body while watching a YouTube tutorial.

Others are also fine.

As a director, Christian Ditter brings together Biohackers in a nice way. 

Biohackers Review: Final Verdict

Watch Biohackers for some interesting knowledge along with entertainment in this gloomy period. There are some genuinely good and wow moments for the show definitely deserves a watch.

Rating: Three & Half Stars

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