Unsolved Mysteries Review: Murders, Missing People & A UFO, This Netflix Series Is Terrific & Triggering!
Unsolved Mysteries Is Now Out On Netflix

Unsolved Mysteries Review: Netflix’s real-life crime based series released yesterday. Before you watch it, we would like to tell you that these cases are disturbing and triggering. Those who are planning to watch it, do you want to know if it’s worth your time or not? Read on.

Creator: Terry Dunn Meurer

Unsolved Mysteries Reviews: What’s it about?

This Netflix series is adapted from the 90s original series of the same name. The original series was hosted by the late, Robert Stack. He would narrate to the viewers these crime stories in a way that would scare them for real. The reason it was a huge rage at that time is not only because of the case, but Robert’s hosting style. That’s why people have a lot of expectations from this one. 


Netflix’s version of Unsolved Mysteries has no host. The witnesses or family members of the victim narrate the incidents happened with the person/people they knew. I, personally didn’t mind the absence of a host. I developed an interest in the series when I was 10 minutes into the first episode. So are all episodes good? And what to expect? Read the full review.

Unsolved Mysteries Review: What’s Good?

Netflix has released six episodes so far. Every episode is between 50-56 minutes. However, when you watch them, you are completely engrossed and don’t even realise that it’s been 50 mins. I really liked the name title for every episode. They suit well for every case. They are titled as – Mystery on the Rooftop, 13 Minutes, House of Terror, No Ride Home, Berkshire’s UFO and Missing Witness. Yes, there’s a UFO episode too and it’s creeped me out for real.

The makers have been very careful about not implying anything or showing anyone as a suspect in their series. As a viewer, you will obviously have your theories and suspicions. But it’s purely based on the narration done by first-hand eyewitnesses or the family members. A lot could go wrong while telling such stories; especially, when it’s showing drama and emotions. But they haven’t overdramatised anything. The stories manage to shock your senses, make you sad and emotional, angry and even disgusted. Another reason that makes this series impressive is the way they show us the entire case. Even with no host, they build the suspense and reveal the astonishing segment/twist in the end. Until then, it’s a guessing game for us.

I also had my theories and doubts when I was watching every episode. As these are unsolved cases and have so many threads and angles, you want to switch on your detective mode to try solving them! I’m am very much against spoilers. Hence, I won’t tell you anything what each episode is about. It equals to giving away the significant elements of every case.

Every episode ends with a crucial message that requests people to share any information they have about the cases covered in the series.

Unsolved Mysteries: What’s Bad?

The series gets very intense and triggering some times. There are no uncomfortable or graphic scenes. But watching people like us narrating these painful experiences they’ve been living with for years, breaks your heart. They haven’t got justice as they are unsolved. Some cases are closed and the family isn’t happy. Some are hoping for more than 15 years that truth will come out one day. Sometimes, you want to take a break and process what you heard and watched. It’s a brilliantly made and well-executed series, but not everyone can watch it in one go.

Unsolved Mysteries Review: Final Verdict

Overall, I was hooked till the end. Every episode had a twisted and spine-tingling story. During these testing times, it’s not easy viewing for everyone. It’s not something everyone can binge-watch. But those who have plans to watch it, you will find yourself thoroughly involved in every case and trying to find answers.

Star Ratings: 4/5 Stars

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