Rating: 2.5/5 Stars (Two and half stars)

Star Cast: Taapsee Pannu, Amit Sadh, Arsh Bajwa, Brijendra Kala

Director: Amit Roy

Running Shaadi Poster
Running Shaadi Poster

What’s Good: Running Shaadi turns out to be a funny affair. The breezy film is entertaining for most of the time.

What’s Bad: The film somewhat loses its grip in the second half when it stretches unnecessarily.

Loo Break: First half is entertaining enough. Sometime in the second half would be a good time.

Watch or Not?: Running Shaadi comes across as a good comic caper that tackles modern day relationships in an interesting manner. It could make up for a fun watch for those who like Jab We Met, Band Baaja Baraat kind of films.

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Bharose (Amit Sadh) who works in a Saree store is madly in love with the owner’s daughter, Nimmi (Taapsee Pannu). The girl on the other hand has a liking for him too but after being freshly admitted into college, is embarrassed of admitting a relation with Bharose. After things start to turn rocky between Bharose and Nimmi and his work turning out to be a disaster, he quits his job.

Whilst coming across a couple who are being beaten up by their families for eloping, Bharose gets an idea of coming up with a website that helps couples elope. He and his roomie, Cyber (Arsh Bajwa) turn this idea into reality and start helping couples get married via Running Shaadi.

After his bitter break-up with Nimmi, Bharose agrees to a proposal sent by his uncle from Patna. In the meanwhile, Nimmi approaches him to help her elope with her boyfriend.

Will Bharose help Nimmi elope? Can the two lovers really move on?

Running Shaadi Review
Running Shaadi Review

Running Shaadi Review: Script Analysis

One of the most impressive things about Running Shaadi is its two lead characters, Bharose and Nimmi. While the girl is extremely certain about her wants and does not shy away from getting an abortion done after getting accidentally pregnant or buying a pack of condoms all by herself, the guy (Bharose) is progressive enough to help and accept her actions, at the same time possessive and caring. There is a level of realism in these two and that’s what connects with us.

Cyber’s character on the other hand is a complete entertainer. He is a third wheel to these confused love birds but a rather funny one.

The film’s basic concept of Running Shaadi is alright and nothing is fancy or novel about it. It’s foolish how they even show a site being setup in just one day and money being spent on advertising without any source of income for the owners.

Little elements like a bride asking for a sangeet function even if she’s eloping kind of humor makes you chuckle once in a while.

A major twist comes in the second half that is good but what happens after it is slightly stretched. This is where the film falters majorly.

Running Shaadi Review: Star Performance

Taapsee Pannu sparkles as the spunky Nimmi in this film. She fabulously carries her character who is known to take charge when it comes to finding her happiness. In one of the scenes, where she meets Bharose’s bride-to-be, Taapsee expressed her jealousy brilliantly.

Amit Sadh gives a measured performance in the film. We wait for his act to rise but he is consistently average in most portions. His accent also falters from Punjabi to UP which is slightly disturbing.

Arsh Bajwa is entertaining as Cyberjeet. His body language itself is superb.

Brijendra Kala as Bharose’s uncle does a great job. He is hilarious in the film and makes sure to leave you in splits in the portions that he’s there.

Running Shaadi Review: Direction, Music

One of the major setbacks for this film is, the “.com” being dropped out of the title and muted in the entire film which happens quite often and naturally hampers the viewing experience.

Amit Roy has all the ingredients to make this film an easy watch but that does not make it devoid of loopholes. Also, as the film starts shifting its locations from Punjab to Dalhousie to Patna, it starts to deteriorate further.

The wedding sequence in the second half is shoddily directed and looks like the makers wanted to hurry up and get to the end.

Another big setback is a poor soundtrack. The film needed good music to hold the viewers attention further.

In spite of an already short run time, the film seems stretched in the second half because of lack of enough content to hook you to the seat.

Running Shaadi Review: The Last Word

Running Shaadi is a breezy entertainer in parts. Taapsee does a good job as the spunky girl. Those with a taste for romantic films with a hint of comedy will enjoy it. A 2.5/5 for this one!

Running Shaadi Trailer

Running Shaadi releases on 17th Feb, 2017.

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