Director Kedar Shinde’s narrative style is too laidback. There seems to be no fire in the characters. While a few of the comic scenes have been handled ably by Shinde, the other scenes are quite flat. Pritam’s music is good but there is not a single memorable song. What’s more, even the well-tuned songs have not become very popular. ‘Jis din mera biyah hovega’ is the best number, followed by ‘Dil le jaa’. Song picturisations (by Ahmed Khan) are too ordinary and even the locations they have been picturised on are hardly eye-catching. Camerawork (Rahul Jadhav and Raja Satankar) is dull, to say the least. Editing (N.V. Mayekar) is not sharp enough.

On the whole, Toh Baat Pakki! is too mediocre to make any mark at the box-office. A dull fare which has opened to poor houses, it can’t hope for a miracle to happen.