Star cast: Sartaj Singh Pannu, Barkha Madan, Iris Maity, Nishan Nanaiah, Himanshu Kohli, Pratik Rao, Bhupinder Singh.

Plot: Sartaj loses his memory. He doesn’t even remember his own identity. He befriends Barkha, Himanshu and Pratik. Do they succeed in making him realise who he is?

What’s Good: Not much.

What’s Bad: The performances of most of the actors; the script.

Verdict: SOCH LO is a disaster. And you don’t need to think too much to arrive at this conclusion.

Loo break: Plenty.

Sun Entertainment’s Soch Lo is the story of a man in search of his own identity. A wounded man (Sartaj Singh Pannu) is left to die in the desert. He survives the ordeal but loses his memory and doesn’t even remember who he is. He then resorts to robbing car drivers on the highway. In his hideaway, he meets Harry (Himanshu Kohli), Pali (Barkha Madan) and Toto (Pratik Rao). They decide to hire him as their goon and, in return, offer to help him find who he is.

Harry wants the stranger, called Baba Adam by them, to solve a property dispute involving him and his family members. But Baba Adam gets stabbed in a fight with thugs who have come to seize the disputed plot of land. During the fight, Baba suddenly remembers that he was a soldier and that he had been attacked while honeymooning with his wife, Riva (Iris Maity). Pali now steps in to help Baba Adam regain his lost memory. Their search for his wife and the mystery attacker forms the latter part of the drama.

Sartaj Singh Pannu’s story is fairly fresh but his screenplay is weak and fails to hold the audience’s attention. While the track of Baba Adam’s memory loss and him trying to figure out who he is is somewhat interesting, the parallel tracks of Pali and of Harry’s property dispute are hardly involving and are also left incomplete.

Sartaj Singh Pannu fails miserably as the main protagonist. Nishan Nanaiah is also dull. Barkha Madan does quite well. Iris Maity does a very ordinary job. Himanshu Kohli is poor. Pratik Rao is okay. Bhupinder Singh excels as Pali’s brother, Harman, though he gets very little screen time.

Sartaj Singh’s Pannu’s acting and script may be below the mark but his direction is alright. Nitish Pire’s background score is effective. Sandeep Patil does a neat job of his camerawork. Editing (Archit D. Rastogi) is crisp before interval but gets lax towards the end. Dialogues (Pannu) deserve special mention. In particular, the wife’s conversation with her mother, and Pali’s repartees are enjoyable. Sayed-Faiyaz’s action scenes are okay.

On the whole, Soch Lo lacks entertainment value and face value and will go almost unnoticed.

By Mrigank Dhaniwala

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