Pacific Rim Movie Poster
Pacific Rim Movie Poster

Rating: 2.5/5 stars (Two And Half Stars)

Director: Guillermo del Torro

Star Cast: Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day, Rob Kazinsky, Max Martini, Ron Perlman

What’s Good: A magnanimous face off between Robots and Aliens done on a grand scale technical is almost a visual treat!

What’s Bad: The story loses its appeal by busying itself in focusing on fights!

Loo break: None

Watch or Not?: Garnished with only a hint of imagination, Guillermo del Torro fails to evoke the same fascination that he did with Hell Boy. Pacific Rim coming across as an adequate spectacle of Transformers battling Godzilla, the story is lost amidst focusing too hard on the blaze. Packed with high intensity, the film’s catastrophe feel will satiate the childish mirth of a fanboy teenager. Don’t expect a story, expect calamity!


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From underneath the Pacific Ocean, the aliens have built a portal by which they traversed to the human world. Causing massive destruction, ‘Kaijus’ will be faced with special manually operated Jaegers who are designed to beat the Kaiju attacks. With the number of attacks multiplying over time, it is important to break down the portal bridge connecting the worlds.

Watch out Pacific Rim to enunciate on how the Jaegers save the world and defeat the Kaijus for good!

Pacific Rim Movie Stills
Pacific Rim Movie Stills

Pacific Rim Review: Script Analysis

Pacific Rim has been made on visionary scale in terms of detailing and technicalities, but the story suffers a major blow. Beginning off well with a voice over about the Kaiju War, the story lacks rarity in it. The Kaiju which seem distant kins of Godzilla, is pasted on a gargantuan canvas. Story wise, it is not emotionally wicked. The backstory that validated the commanding officer’s paternal affinity with Mako lacked the dramatic punch. Mostly, the theory postulated by Dr Newton about the Kaiju brains being clones, is concluded abruptly, leaving it half baked. There were unnecessary deviations from the plot. With Newton going in search of Kaiju brain to a black market dealer Hannibal Chau is lame as it wraps up into nothing. It is disappointing to see such intelligent concepts wrapping up into nothing! The eye popping expectations are met mostly, but the film’s plot is so slim that it loses its ground without flaunting its action prowess!

Pacific Rim Review: Star Performances

Charlie Hunnam puts up an enigmatic show as the hero is trying hard not to be pulled down by the weight of traumatic baggage from the past. He builds every mood delicately and plays every note of Raleigh with perfection.

Rinko Kikuchi matches up to Hunnam’s acting despite playing her role with subtlety. She delivers a praiseworthy performance. Her chemistry with Hunnam oozes out the best when the two fight each other in a martial arts combat. The romantic undercurrent remains latent and never gets obvious which is a plus!

Idris Elba is fascinating as the commanding officer. He commands great personality and delivers his dialogues grittily. You’ll remain awe struck by the authority of his character and indeed his is the most strikingly bravura performance!

Charlie Day is ace in his humorous bit. There is a strong tug of childlike glee in his role which he brings impeccably to his character. Within the limited screen time, Day is hard to miss; especially when complimented with Burn Gorman!

Pacific Rim Review: Direction, Screenplay and Music

Guillermo del Torro’s story is lucid undoubtedly and if you are a follower of the series that falls under the purview of his expertise, he might even enchant you! His effort is largely sincere and lags only because his focus was misplaced. Refusing to tie up the film’s varied loose-ends, he shifts his focus entirely on infusing more high end drama in the power dripping action sequences! Travis Beacham serves the massive collision delectably enough, that you miss the loopholes in the film’s plot. Made with an eyes on attacking the mass market, Pacific Rim scores fair in screenplay, making it an engaging watch!

Pacific Rim Review: The Last Word

Pacific Rim is Hollywood’s version of a masala film. Using the most successful formula of apocalypse, this is another one of the mankind triumph stories! With massive and flashy robots battling acid spitting reptile-like aliens, the film soared rendering awesome to the hilt. I am going with 2.5/5. Go entertain yourself with yet another action packed fiesta, that doesn’t give you anything to linger on once its done!

Pacific Rim Trailer

Pacific Rim released on 11th July, 2013.

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