Star Performances
Rani Mukerji does a fine job, getting into the skin of the character of the fiesty journalist who has no qualms about speaking her heart out and using swear words at the drop of a hat. Vidya Balan plays Sabrina Lall well but a little variation in how she approaches the many scenes would’ve added to her performance. Having said this, it must be added that the viewer somehow gets the feeling that both, Rani and Vidya, are trying too hard to impress him. Myra Karn is okay as Jessica Lall. Neil Bhoopalam is quite nice in the role of Vikram. As Manish Bharadwaj, the murderer, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub is fair. Yogendra Tikku and Geeta Sudan perform ably as Jessica’s grieving parents. Bubbles Sabharwal (as Mallika Sehgal) and Samara Chopra (as Naina Sehgal) lend adequate support. Satyadeep Mishra leaves a mark as Mira Gaity’s (Rani Mukerji’s) boss. Shireesh Sharma (as Pramod Bharadwaj, father of Manish) is effective. Rajesh Sharma (as policeman N.K.) shines. Avijit Dutt is effective in the role of defence lawyer B.M. Pandit. K.K. Shukla (as Sabrina’s lawyer) and Ashu Sharma and Param Baidwan (as the two accomplices of Manish Bharadwaj) lend fair support. Maanvi Gaagaroo makes her presence felt as Rani’s colleague, Aditi.

No One Killed Jessica Review (No One Killed Jessica Movie Still)

Direction, Music & Editing
Raj Kumar Gupta’s direction and narrative style are of the kind which would hold appeal more for the city-based and multiplex audiences. There’s an overdose of English dialogues in the film, which would restrict the film’s appeal. Amit Trivedi’s music is very good, especially the ‘Dilli Dilli’ and ‘Aali re’ songs. His background score could’ve been better. Amitabh Bhattacharya’s lyrics deserve mention. Anay Goswami’s camerawork is fair. Aarti Bajaj’s editing is good.

The Last Word
On the whole, No One Killed Jessica impresses more than it inspires when it should have actually inspired and thereby impressed. It is a fair fare for select multiplexes in the big cities and only the good single-screen cinemas. It cannot be expected to score universally.

Business in ordinary single-screen cinemas will be very dull. Although it has taken a slow start, it is bound to pick up by positive word of mouth, in the big cities of each state. Business in Delhi and the North will be better because the Jessica murder happened in Delhi. Collections in cities like Bombay, Pune and Bangalore will also be good.

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